Friday, April 30, 2010


As many of us know the translations of One Piece can vary in skill depending on the translator's knowledge and skill. However sometimes they do not translate the words into English to give them more meaning. Some of the fans are vehemently opposed to this practice and will complain at a moments notice. I do not havea problem with this and accept it as part of reading the managa.

The main word which comes to mind when i think of this topic is "nakama" which roughly translates as friend. Although form what i have read and heard it has a deeper meaning in Japanese than just friendship and therefore some translators a while back decided to keep it in its Japanese form as opposed to translating it to English. In doing so they created a somewhat phenomenon that enraged and excited different aspects of the One Piece fandom. I have seen people who hate the use of "nakama" more than anyone logically should and i have seen some people overuse it with provaction more time than i can remember. I find it funny that some of these same peopel who hate the use of "nakama" have no problem with other non-translated words. Until the newest of the tranlator issues came about when "haki" was introduced and translators began not translating it. Once again i was not bothered by this and understood the reasons behind the non-translation of the word. But some vehemently decried it as the beginning of the end of proper translating.

I find it funny that anyone would have a problem with untranslated words in One Piece because many times Oda himself uses foreign languages ( foreign to him) in his works from the French of Sanji to the Spanish and such of Nico Robin. Therefore i see no reason this would be a problem if the English version of One Piece would include Japanese words. These are some of the reasons i do not like posting in forums and such because I do not care about such trivial things. Of course i realize there are good posters because if there weren't i would not bother reading forums. I just do not like to get into it with some people because they care to much about one opinion that they will keep on keeping on as they say.

So in the end i only see the problem if its a hoprrible mistranlations or completely out of context. A few choice Japanese words to show somethign is truly important works fine by me.

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