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So far most of the villains encountered on the Grandline are from the secret organization Baroque Works, but as Luffy ventures to find a cure for Nami he runs into an interesting villain not affiliated with this group at all . . Wapol is the former king of Drum Kingdom who abandoned his throne after the island was attacked by a fierce pirate. When he left his throne he went to the seas and became a pirate himself. He is first encountered by Luffy and the Strawhats while a pirate. Luffy bazooka blasts him off the Merry after he started eating part of it. After leaving Durm Kingdom Wapol lost his way and was seeking a way to return and as the Strawhats found Drum Kingdom so did Wapol. Wapol was a horrid dictator who abolished all doctors aside from his own personal 20 doctors. Leaving all of his subjects to come and beg him for help when they were sick. He used this to gain more power and loyalty form them. However after he fled the kingdom they resolved to fight him if he ever returned. Upon his return they attempted to fight him but he had the power of the Devil Fruit and many soldiers and therefore they were easily defeated.

The fruit he had consumed was the Baku Baku no mi or the Munch Much Fruit. This was a very unique fruit indeed and allowed him to eat anything he wanted no matter the substance. Whatever he ate he could turn into and this made for some comical moments as he turned into various weird objects, but overall the fruit had great power if the right things were eaten. He could also combine certain object he ate together to form more powerful forms of himself. He even ate two of his henchmen and fused them together as well as eating himself and transforming into a skinnier version. Of all the devil fruits to me this is one of the most unique and truly One Piece powers I have ever seen. With this great power as well as his immense weaponry and soldiers he was easily able to rule Drum Kingdom with an iron fist.

His personality was that of a prideful arrogant spoiled brat of a ruler. He did not care for the welfare of his subjects nor that of the kingdom. This is self evident in the fact he fled at the first sign of trouble and did not even attempt to fight the pirates. His hording of the doctors also made him a cruel and malicious ruler. Although these characteristics are not all that unique in villains he still remains one the most interesting villains i recall. His combined arrogance and his over personality made him unique. As well as his design and the manner he used his powers to combine objects was extraordinary in my view.

It is strange to think his father was considered a just and loving ruler who most people remembered fondly, but Wapol himself became a malignant ruler of Drum Kingdom. As Wapol fought to ragin his throne he pissed off Luffy and therefore was soundly defeated. This was a shock to most victims of his tyrannical rule and helped establish Luffy as an even more powerful pirate. Upon his defeat he was launched out of Drum Kingdom and never seen there again. In the One Piece world he never returned to the main story, but did get a cover story where he used his Devil Fruit powers to develop toys much loved by children. He seems to have made quite a lot of money form this and seems to be at peace and not up to his old tricks again. Although this is not in the main story it gives me a sense that he mended his ways and went onto do some good in the world. As of now that was the last we have seen or heard about him in the story.

In my overall opinion Wapol would be a memorable villain with a great power and distinct design which sets him apart from alot of other villains. I see his character as sort of boring and not to different form many tyrants. Although Oda does make great use of him and he has a soft spot in my heart because I just loved his power that much. Feel free to let me know what you thought of Wapol overall and if he was memorable or forgettable to you.

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I plan on continuing the One Piece villains soon and should have a post up tomorrow night. I will also continue my series on the running gags which occur in the One Piece interview as well.  I have been busy with real life work this week and the blog does not pull in much money or attention so I allowed it to suffer and just focused on the video reviews on YouTube. If you like the posts about villains and such please let me know what you like and do not . I need to at least realize some people are paying attention and also that this can be feasible money making as well or it will not be worth my time or effort to continue these endeavors. I like to write about these things and not make everything into a video so please let me know your thoughts and show me that I am not completely wasting my time with this. Thanks for all your support and feel free to let me know what you think even if it is not a compliment but rather a criticism.



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Yes it is a simple photoshop with two images, but it is just an idea. So if you can mkae a better more authentic one let me know. I am looking for one that is drawn or somehting maybe in the style of One PIece pirate flags. With Fan blades as crossbones and a skull with glasses. Someone was suppose to make one, but they never did.

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This is probably the first gag in One Piece which we see with Luffy bursting out of the barrel and wondering where there is food for him to eat. There are many different scenarios for this gag from him being starving with no food to him just being hungry after a huge battle. He even develops new techniques for eating such as : eating while asleep and his use of his rubber arms to steal other peoples food out of their hands. As far as funny goes it has it's moments and usually they differ form situation to situation. Overall this is more to illustrate a character element of Luffy as opposed to being purely for comedy. It even seems that Luffy believes eating can help heal his wounds and make him less fatigued at times. I am not sure if this does truly work or it is just Luffy believing it so much that it has a placebo affect on him. I think the funniest thing with this gag to me was when he first developed the eating while asleep technique after fighting Rob Lucci. People would walk in and say Luffy is finally awake, but the crew would just say no he has developed a technique to eat while still asleep. These types of moments are what make Luffy Luffy and I look forward to seeing more of them as he journeys on into the New World. Let me know what your fave Luffy eating gag was and which ones you did not like in the comment sections.

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MR. 3
The partner to Miss Goldenweek is Mr. 3 who also has an art theme motif. He has a Devil Fruit ability that allows him to create and mold wax into many different things. He use his Wax Wax Fruit to create living sculptures as well as to shoot projectiles and even create a battle suit for himself. The wax he creates when harden is supposedly strong as steel. While at first mention of being a Waxman it seems a silly power, but once used in a right manner it allows for some tremendous abilities to be shown. Aside from his Devil Fruit Mr 3. has a very high intellect and good use of tactics. I think this is what allows him to use such a docile sounding Devil Fruit to its full abilities. Even though he comes of as arrogant and condescending I am a firm believer that intelligence can be a great asset to fighting power. Aside from his use of his Devil Fruit and his intelligence Mr. 3 is a very weak fighter. He is also very cowardly when it come to physical confrontation after he realizes he is over matched. When he first is shown his character is a very horrible person willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. He even seems to enjoy creating living statues out of Zoro, Nami and Vivi. As well as he has no sense of honor or fair play. These personality traits make him seem like an evil and devious individual without any redeeming qualities. He also has a fairly weird look with his hair in the shape of the number three and it seems to have a lit flame on top like a candle wick. Although he possessed nearly genius level intelligence and used his Devil Fruit to the best of his abilities in the end he was easily defeated by Luffy. After his defeat he was supposed to be eliminated by Mr. 2, but that never happened and he was almost destroyed by the leader of Baroque Works. While many of the Baroque Works agents did not appear after their defeats Mr. 3 does make another appearance in the story.

When Luffy enters Impel Down he eventually runs into Mr. 3 and frees him. Although Mr. 3 holds a grudge against Luffy he seems to have developed some sort of honor  or code and refuses to not pay Luffy back for rescuing him. I do not know if its an altruistic thing, but rather Mr. 3 just does not wish to feel indebted to Luffy. During this time we also are revealed his real name is Galdino, but most people still refer to him as Mr.3. He once against uses his Devil Fruit abilities in very affective manners against tough opponents. Even though Luffy is battling a very tough foe Mr. 3's wax powers enable Luffy to get an upper hand. It goes to show you that the Devil Fruit power can be beneficial even if it seems weak based on how one uses it. This idea is most evident when it comes to Mr. 3, because he takes a seemingly harmless Devil Fruit and uses it to it's maximum. During the War Mr. 3 even becomes instrumental in Luffy's attempt to rescue Ace. He even goes so far as to risk his own life in the effort while previous he only showed regards for himself and was pretty much a coward. He like many of the former Baroque Work agents would come to be somewhat of an ally or friend to Luffy.

Mr. 3 began as a asshole villains who only cared for himself and was overly arrogant and mean. During the Little Garden arc he was the epitome of an evil villain cruel, ruthless and uncaring. These were very good traits for a villain even though they were a bit cliched. His physical design as well as his powers were definitely interesting and unique to him alone. Over all he made for a memorable villain even though his screen time was limited. This maybe why Oda decided to bring him back into the story and develop his character even more. The whole face turn of Mr. 3 was brilliant writing and showed how much Oda can develop and change a character over time and through different circumstances. By the time in the sotry now Mr. 3 has under gone some of the most radical and interesting character devlopment of any of the non main cast. As of now I think most people would view him as somewhat of a good guy and not a villain anymore. He to me was truly redeemed and changed from his original incarnation by the time I am writing this. So to me he is truly was on e the classic villains and very important to the story that is One Piece. So feel free to give me your impressions of Mr. 3 and what you all think about him and his transformation.

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As the Strawhats arrive on Little Garden they are being targeted by the number 3 pair of Baroque officer agents. The female member of the third pair is known by the code name Miss Goldenweek, which apparently is a week in Japan with numerous holidays in it. Her appearance is that of a young girl although is not revealed if she is truly a kid or rather just a young looking adult. While she has what would seem like Devil Fruit abilities Oda revealed you uses a form of hypnotism. Her hypnotism is in the form of Color Traps which when painted on objects using different designs and colors can induce certain feelings in that person. It is strange, because physically she is very weak although she was able to stop Luffy. She does not seem to have an overtly evil attitude as many of the agents do , but rather a laid back I do not give a crap attitude. She is seen on numerous times just lazying around during a battle enjoying her rice crackers. Even goes so far as to make her partner give her a cup of tea because she is to lazy to get it. Her abilities to use her painting are formidable against opponent, but if they figure away around them then she has no physical defense and is easily beaten. Another useful thing is she can assist with Mr. 3 when he uses his powers to paint them to make them look much cooler. On a scale of power in villains she would rank at a very low end of the scale, but as a support unit she can come in very handy as evidence with how she stopped Luffy numerous times even though he was clearly superior in fighting strength. Her design is unique and different with her powers being truly different than anything seen before. Her being confirmed as not having a Devil Fruit also lends to the fact there are other "power" like opponents that Luffy will face who don't use Devil Fruits. Her character is not all that exciting either, but it does provide some humour moments during the battle, because she remains calm and uninterested no matter what is going on at all times.

Also in a special cover story of One Piece it is revealed she does have some loyalty and decides to mount a rescue mission to rescue all the arrested members of Baroque works. This puts her in a league above many of the other villains and gives her some redeeming qualities. After the cover story we do not see or hear about her again. IN the overall villains of One Piece she has a small part and besides certain things is very forgettable. However her partner will end up playing a much more important role to the story as next time I discuss Mr. 3. Let me know what you think of her abilities and her character and whether or not you guys enjoyed her as a character.

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MR. 5

Mr. 5 is an officer agent in Baroque Works and is the partner to Miss Valentine. He arrive at Whiskey Peak to assassinate Vivi and Igaram after it is revealed they know the true identity of the man in charge. He has a very interesting Devil Fruit known as the Bomb Bomb Fruit which allows him to turn any part of his body into a bomb as well as rendering all explosions to his body useless. He is an over confident man and thinks he can no possibly lose with his great power. To a normal opponent this maybe true but against Luffy his power is nothing. He is easily defeated by Luffy and Zoro at Whiskey Peak. His return at Little Garden does not do much as well, but he reveals that even his breathe can be explosive as he uses it as ammunition for a special revolver he owns. While it is quite affective against Ussop it still does not allow him to gain a victory. His arrogant nature is part of his downfall because he underestimates his opponents and over estimates himself. He also finds the idea of caring for friends to be ridiculous and very naive. These ideals go contrary to those held by Luffy and his crew therefore he is a villain which directly opposes them on a philosophical level. While he does not actually accomplish any horrendous actions like some villains his attempts garner him a higher place than alot of other villains. Overall his power was unique and held the potential to be very powerful, but was not really all that compare to what villains we see later on in One Piece. Many fans bring him up when a discussion involving cool Devil Fruit powers occur or about powers which did not show their true potential. Although he was not that great in terms of character he still holds a place in many fans hearts and is not truly forgotten. As compared to many of the villains before him he did have exceptional powers and gave us the readers the idea there would truly be stronger opponents for the crew in the Grandline. Far from the worst villain, but not the best either he is still truly a One Piece original.

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It is now time to move onto the top agents of Baroque works who were said to be very fearsome by Igaram. He says they all have Devil Fruit powers and are far stronger than the other numbered agents. The first we encounter is Miss. Valentine who has eaten the Kilo Kilo Fruit. This power allows her to change her mass from between one to ten thousand kilograms. She is always seen with a parasol that enables her to float when she lowers her mass enough. Then when she has targeted a person she will raise her mass to crush them. This is an effective move which can cause much damage if landed. While compared to most individuals she would be incredibly strong, but she is easily defeated by Zoro and Luffy at Whiskey Peaks. Although she is defeated and the Strawhats escape she shows up again at Little Garden to try once more.

Her demeanor is one of nonchalance and does not think  that lowly pirates stand a chance against her and her partner. She shows cruelty in her attempts to crush those who are her enemies with no sort of remorse. Although she also seems as she could be an attention whore and when people ignore her she becomes irritated. While she is evil in heart her design and looks are More of the beautiful variety . She seems to enjoy the act of assassination and laughs while she is in battle . Mainly used as a supporting role to Mr. 5 she does not exhibit much fighting ability aside from her Devil Fruit. As far as villains go she is interesting, but not all that powerful or evil in the grand scheme of things. I do personal find her ability to be unique and something different than I have seen before. Her look and character is sort of common with her almost sociopathic like for violence and her overall beautiful appearance. To me she is above a low villains but no where near the likes of others we will meet as Luffy and the others travel along the Grandline. So let me know what you think of her and if she is a villain that lingers in your memory or just fades into obscurity.

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MR. 8
Mr. 8 is the head agent at Whiskey Peaks and is in charge of the entire island. He attempts to trick the Strawhats and capture them to get Luffy's bounty in order to buy food for the town. His attacks are strange in that he uses his saxophone and his hair to shoot bullets . His look with the curled hair and fancy dress are also different as compared to how many villains appear in One Piece. And while he is strong fighter and tactician he is no match for the Strawhats and would rank low on the all time villains list of One Piece. Once again he turns out to be only an agent of Baroque works in the fact he is undercover to find out who their leader is. He was originally the head of the guard of Alabasta and a protector of Vivi( Ms. Wednesday) . So he truly is not even a villain in the grand scheme of things and after this is revealed pretty much becomes an ally of Luffy as do most of the Baroque agents do eventually. After being chased off he decoys himself as Vivi and sets sail for home using a different course, but his ship explodes and he is presumed dead. Although we find out later he is still alive as he reaches Alabasta towards the very end of the fighting. His villainous nature is very small because in reality he is only playing a role and not really a villain. He has redeeming qualities in that he cares for Vivi and his kingdom more than anything and is willing to sacrifice himself in order for them to remain safe. Which is a great quality in a person but not really a villain. That's why even though his villain status is short lived he really is not much of one form the start. After Mr. 8 we will finally start getting into the tougher villains in the Baroque Works group, because all the top five members will have special talents with most of them being devil fruit users. While as a villain Mr. 8 is lacking his true identity has qualities that make him unforgettable and very good character in the One Piece universe. Next blog will then commence the top five Baroque agent pairs, although one of them really is not a pair.

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Miss Monday is a villain that first appeared at Whiskey Peak and was a numbered agent of Baroque Works. She was partnered with Mr. 8 who we later find out is Igaram. On her first appearance she hides her true physical form by pretending to be a nun, but later reveals she is extremely strong and powerful. For a female her strength and size are abnormal, but when compared to Zoro she loses easily as he defeats her one handed without a sword. While she is a villain to the Strawhats and tries to defeat them over all she does not show any evil tendencies as some villains have. She seems more interested in proving her strength is the greatest , but that is not true and compared to most villains would be definitely on the low tier. After she learns of Igaram and Vivi's true nature she even fights against other agents to help them escape. Therefore showing loyalty to her friends and even a sense of duty. These are admirable qualities and truly she is not even that much of a threat or villain in the overall scheme of things in One Piece. Her design was sort of unique for a female character, but more than likely she is a very forgettable character who does not even have that much time in the story as a whole. After Vivi and the Strawhats escape we do nor learn anything of her fate and never see her again. This is the same thing that happens with Mr. 9. Although i do wonder if she and he survived did they ever try to venture to Alabasta to see Vivi and Igaram? I do not know what else to say about her besides she was not that impressive as compared to the other Baroque number agents we will meet soon. So look for the rest of them as they come, because once we get into the top five pair agents things will get a little cooler. The lower numbered agents are just a taste of what is to come.

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MR. 9
Mr. 9 is the partner agent to Ms. Wednesday and he appeared with her trying to kill Laboon. He too is weak and not all that exciting, but offers up some humorous moments. He uses acrobatic and steel bats to do his fighting although against Zoro he was no match. He for some reason sees himself as some sort of prince, but to me he is just a poser. When they are at Whiskey Peak he actually has a face turn when he finds out about Ms. Wednesday's true identity and decides to help her escape out of friendship. Although he was annoying and not all that capable of a villain he does get some mild character development. This comes from his first encounter as a evil baboon to the point of showing true friendship to Vivi and possibly even dying because of her. I wonder if he survived and if he did did Vivi ever find him and they became great friends. This is one thing Oda never mentioned that I am somewhat curious about. While he was a lackluster villain I think that he at least had more depth than many villains in  other media and therefore is not a complete waste. His stint in One Piece was short lived, but he will always be remembered in our hearts. What do you think of Mr. 9 was he really all that bad of a guy?


As the Strawhats entered the Grandline through Reverse Mountain the first villains they encounter are in a two person team which has been sent to kill Laboon for his meat. Right away this makes you dislike them immensely because they are trying to kill Laboon. Even before we learn his back story we can not help but love Laboon. That is the facts of life as they say so detest these villains even though they were just trying to find some food . Although the villains are in a partnership I will address them each as two separate entries into the villains list and you do not like that then well too bad for you.

Ms. Wednesday seems to be a fairly young woman that uses these spinning blade things on strings to fight with . From her first appearance it is very easy to tell she is no match for Luffy or any of the other crew for that matter. As far as threatening villains go i would put her at the very bottom of those I have discussed so far. Even though we have entered the Grandline the first villains we see seem even weaker than those from East Blue and I wonder why that is? This part of the world was built up to be very treacherous although this is the best they could throw at us? To me this is just Oda building up suspense to the even tougher villains we will face.

Upon first meeting Ms. Wednesday we do not know of her connection to the Baroque Works, but only think she is just someone out looking for food for her island. Her skills are decent earning her a place in the top ten members of BW, but compared to the rest she is not that skillful. There is nothing that exciting about her character or abilities that make her all that impressive. If not for her face turn she would be the most forgettable villain in history of One Piece. I wonder if this is why she is hated amongst tons of OP fans, because she was originally out to kill Laboon? As we all know she turns into VIVI who becomes a friend of the Strawhats, because she was just infiltrating BW to find out who their leader is and what his plans are for the future. While as a villain she is very plain and lacking I like the introduction of her as an ally and friend this way. It is an unique way to introduce her to us as someone we dislike and showing her to grow to someone we do. Without Oda's skills as a writer it would be hard to do this and as we know he does this very often. This would become a trend for the befriending of enemies by the Strawhats and especially those from the Baroque Works organization. Do you think Oda uses this too much or is it still cool to see an old enemy join with Strawhat and develop more as a character? While I think it does get a bit old ; to me it is a very good way to show character development and change in a person . This maybe why i value Oda's skills so much. In ending this was not so much about Ms. Wednesday, but rather about the whole trope of Oda turning heels into faces in a very well written manner. Face it Ms. Wednesday was not all that much to talk about anyways so I decided to get on my soap box here instead. Feel free to leave me any thoughts about this.

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This next section of my One Piece villains series will start with a unified group of villains. While I will do the individual members as they appear I just wanted to mention the overall picture of this group dynamic which at the time was a new thing to the One Piece story. First of all this is a group which is actively working together to accomplish a certain goal. This is an over reaching arc that encompasses a much bigger story line than the previous arcs up til this point. I think Oda used this idea to help show how vast the New World is and the challenges the Strawhats will face . Baroque Works has a few specific main villains whom make an impact, but it is a very large organization with thousands of members. This also adds new scope to the struggles Luffy and the others much overcome. Up to now they were usually outnumber, but at this point they are one small pirate crew versus an entire army. The odds against them are tremendous and if they overcome it this will surely ensure they are worthy of being in the Grand Line. I personally like the whole Baroque Works arc, because it was a change of pace and it added alot of dynamics to the entire story. It also has a long drawn out plot with an actual ending to it. So stay tuned as i delve into all the "major" villains who are apart of this huge overwhelming organization known as Baroque Works. Also feel free to let me know what you think of the BW arc as a whole and such.

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The only reason I am mentioning Alvida again is that her looks changed drastically after she ate the Smooth-Smooth Fruit. She is the first character we see in real time before and after to get a devil fruit. For her it was a drastic change for her look. Although in her own delusional mind she only claims it caused the loss of her freckles. As readers we notice the affects of the fruit cause all her fat to be smoothed out. This aspect of the fruit is the first one we are shown, because at first we have no clue who this woman is until she is revealed as Alvida. At this point her motives have changed to revenge on Luffy. She has even gone as far as teaming with Buggy to accomplish this goal which both of them share. The power of her newly acquired fruit can also be used to stop almost any attack. As shown all acts simply slide off of her be they blunt or edged weapons. Aside form the obvious advantages this brings she also can use it to maneuver at a fast speed and employ her iron mace. Although the change in power seems great it still does not bring her up to par with other great pirates. Her character seems the same as well besides her lust for revenge on Luffy.

While I would think she could definitely use this power to her advantage she does not seem to step up her game and remains a minor villain to Luffy up to this point. Her new found beauty also makes her very appealing to all who see her and especially Sanji. Aside from it being very awesome to see a character change in appearance so drastically from eating of a Devil Fruit she does not really bring much to the table. To me she is a semi forgettable villain and although she still remains involved in the story to this day I doubt she will ever amount to much truly. So what do you guys think about Oda employing a changed enemy to return to face Luffy again? While it was interesting to see I still am not sold on Alvida, because she lacks development and a real threatening style.

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Well after the arlong arc the next enemy that Luffy faces on his journey is not so much a villain as he is just an enemy to overcome. That person is the marine Smoker who is in charge of Loguetowm. The reason i do not classify him as a villain is because he is not a bad guy, but rather just on an opposite side from Luffy. His attitude and way of acting are far different than Morgan. Although he is a marine he would be the type of marine one would want to be a marine, because he actually does not abuse his power. He uses his power to truly protect the justice and peace of Loguetown and East Blue.

His design is super unique and he is the very first Logia Devil Fruit user we encounter in the One Piece world. The design for him both in character and physical appearance are memorable and different enough from other characters to show his true personality. He has a stance on justice that Luffy is a pirate so he must catch him, and most likely he could since he is supposedly the toughest marine in all of East Blue. The battle between him and Luffy is really Luffy's first true defeat in the series and although he escapes the battle is truly not over. Smoker's true colors of being stubborn come out after the defaet when he decides he will leave his post and follow after Luffy no matter the cost. His determination is astounding as he will chase Luffy and become his true nemesis for the show. Smoker has the tendency to not follow the standard idea of justice but rather lives up to his own sort of justice. The unforgettable thing about the encounter with he and Luffy is this is first time Luffy actively runs as opposed to fighting . This may also be because he is not truly a villain and therefore Luffy does not have some great thing to accomplish by defeating him. Also I think his character appearing right before the entrance to the Grandline helps to show us there will be many stronger opponents and tests to overcome in the Grandline.

Although Smoker is not evil as shown by the previous villains i have mentioned he still definitely manages to give Luffy a hard time . He even seems to be set on the capture of Luffy thus turning him into a true nemesis whom will follow Luffy for many chapters to come. As overall I am very impressed with Smoker as a character and all the traits he has to his development. He goes to show that even Marines are not all bad guys, but only some who seem to believe in certain aspects. His unquenchable thirst to capture pirates makes him the perfect nemesis for Luffy. Let me know how you feel about Smoker and whether or not you see him as a villain or like i do just a antagonist . We will definitely see Smoker more as the story progress. But in the end who will finally triumph Smoker or Luffy?

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I know a lot of people are wondering when ch. 598 will be out and as far as I know it will be out September,29th. I have also heard it will have 24 pages instead of the regular 18 or so. There has been much anticipation for this chapter since we learned One Piece would be on break for four issues. Also it will finally clear up the whole time skip theories and we can see what is to come with the second half of the Grandline. I say to all of you reading this just be patient it will return and once it does we shall once again be bound to the glory that is One Piece. All those who went blind from to much fapping while the break occurred I truly feel sorry for you and hope next time you can learn more patient when awaiting a Manga as epic as One Piece to return. I do not know if Oda will take more frequent breaks or if this was just a break he needed to get ready to entertain us more than ever. I too am very excited by this and can not wait so stay tuned to this blog and my Youtube channel for new videos about new chapters of One Piece. YAY! let me know what you think the future will hodl for One Piece and ch. 598.


In my opinion the first truly great villain in One Piece is the sawfish fishman Arlong who was once a member of the Sunny Pirates. This was a pirate crew of all fishman that was once led by Fisher Tiger and later Jimbei. After they broke up Arlong took some of the remnants of the crew and created hsi own pirate crew. Arlong decided it was best to take over the world one sea at a time starting with the weakest East Blue. With his years of experience as a pirate he knew East Blue was well known for being the easiest prey for Fishmen who are far stronger than ordinary humans. His arrival in East Blue was around the time when Nami was but a small child and way before Luffy's adventure began. He used an idea of extorting money for protection form villagers rather than going through the trouble of wreaking havoc on numerous island to gain his wealth and power. This method worked well for him until the fateful day Monkey D. Luffy arrived at Arlong Park.

Arlong's design and strength went way beyond those of other villains Luffy had faced until this point and made him a very memorable villain even to this day. Arlong's main characteristic was his hatred for humans as far as calling them lesser life forms than Fishmen. This trait is one thing that probably allowed him to torment them so easily with no remorse. This aided him with his excessive love for money and enable him to take advantage of the physically weaker humans in East Blue for his own motives. Also as we later find out more of Fishman history we can see how truly well developed Arlong's character is at this time. His motives and past once revealed allow us to see he had much more to him than most other villains at the time in One Piece. His racist attitude is a new concept because he does not just despise people he actually thinks they are inferior to Fishmen in every aspect. He is also a villain which hurt to a vast extent one of Luffy's soon to be crew mates in the form of Nami. With this we actually begin to have more vested in hating him as a villain since he destroyed the life of someone we had gotten to knwo and care for throughout the journey. This could be one reason most people still remember him vividly when they think back to old viallins in One Piece. Another thing is he has some redeemable qualities in the fact he cares for his crew as opposed to most of the villains we have seen so far. Once he finds out they have been injured by the human scum of Luffy and the others he goes into a great outrage. Although he shares this trait with Luffy he still far away from being a good person, but we can understand his pain once we learn of the Fishman history in the Saobody Arc.

His skill and power as a fighter are supposedly unmatched in East Blue, because of his Fishman strength and crew. He also has brought a creature from the Grandline which also garners him more fear an power. He has tremendous fighting capabilities as well as certain attributes that make him a very dangerous opponent to Luffy. He can regrow his teeth and has a supposedly unbreakable razor sharp nose at his disposal that inflicts great damage on all he touches. As he fights he even gets stronger with his rage and it powers him up even more. With all his advantages Arlong seem to be a shoe in to defeat Luffy, but once Luffy understands the pain Nami went through there is no stopping him. As this fight ends the entirety of Arlong Park is destroyed and all the Fishmen are soundly defeated. The island and Nami's village are finally free from this horrible tyrant. This is the beginning of Luffy developing his true strength of character that he will use much throughout  One Piece .

As I stated before Arlong is a very important villain in the scheme of things and not only is he unique, but he also helps to improve our understanding and love for Luffy. Many people have said the Arlong Park arc of One Piece is what sold them on the story and made them true fans. This is mainly due to the greatness and believability of Arlong as a villain. Therefore to me Arlong is the best villain of the entire East Blue saga and still to this day ranks up there with many of Luffy's other great enemies. Feel free to let me know what you thought about Arlong and give me your perspective on him. If you liked this feel free to share it with other like minded people and if you hated it do not tell me so I don't cry.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Don Krieg was a monstrous pirate captain know for being a pirate who commanded an armada of 50 ships with over 5,000 men. Even though Krieg had tremendous brute strength his real strength was in his vast fleet and crew. He also used many underhanded tricks and weapons to win his battles, but he did not have the true heart of a great pirate. He let his success in East Blue go to his head and he ventured to the Grandline and was easily defeated by one man, Mihawk.

When we first meet him he has just come crawling back to East Blue in an attempt to try and regain some of his former power by procuring the Baratie to be his new secret weapon pirate ship, so that he can use it for sneak attacks. These dirty tricks of his show his lack of true fighting spirit. This is realized by Luffy especially when he disregards the safety of his own crew to win a battle. No matter how many men or weapons or tricks Krieg employed he was defeated by one man Luffy.

As Krieg went i did not care for his character on iota. He was rotten even by pirate standards and the gran scheme of things was a very small pirate. the character design as fine and had its unique traits. However, the character itself was limited and was just carbon copy of lots of greedy uncaring villains that have come before him. Feel free to let me know what you thought about Krieg in comments and such. While he was a challenge to Luffy at the time I would not even come close to labeling him a great villain or even worth remembering as compared to others created by Oda.

Friday, September 17, 2010



Kuro is a fearsome pirate who when we first meet him is secretly in disguise as a butler named  Kurahadol. At the time we think he is nothing but an over protective butler for Kaya, but it is soon revealed that he is no ordinary butler, but Captain Kuro himself. For Kuro had not liked the life of a pirate because he hated being hunted down by the marines and grew weary of doing so. Therefore he developed a plan to fake his own death and hide away until he could gather a fortune in another method. Kuro was well known for planning and have a brilliant intellect which he always used to his advantage as a pirate and would make extremely elaborate plans. This plan involved becoming friendly with Kaya and having her sign over all the wealth to him then having the Black Cat pirates kill her. Well fortunately Ussop overhears this and Luffy attempts to help him in doing so. This is when we finally get to see Kuro in action and learn even more about his horrible ways.

Once Luffy and the others interfere with his plans Kuro himself decides to fight. Although he is a very smart man he still has great prowess in the area of combat. His two main attack advantages are a set of giant claws and his ability to have superhuman speed with which to move faster than most people can perceive. In employing these two methods of attack he becomes a very tough opponent for Luffy and so far into the story cause alot more damage to him than any other enemy before . As he fights he reveal how he set his plan into motion, as any good villain would do, that he had faked his own death. The methods he use to do so are deplorable and horrendous to an average person, but to Luffy and many pirates would be the worst crime possible. He got a crew memeber who looked like him and had Jango hypnotise him to believe he was Kuro and turned him over to Morgan ( who was also hypnotised) and then he was executed in his place. The lack of respect for his crew makes Kuro a evil pirate even more so than many others. This code of protecting your crew is very important to some of the most infamous pirates in One Piece . Also as Luffy put it Kuro was worthless for not being willing to except the life of a pirate so he should not be one. These traits make Kuro a very despisable character to me and many others.

For overall Kuro was a terrible person who did not value his crew in the least and would use any method at hand to stay free and safe. These lack of ethics and morals are possibly what led to his downfall as well. Since we see most major pirates have a great crew which care for one another, while Kuro only had people who feared him. The lack of understanding this makes me think Kuro was not as smart as he thought he was . Although he was supposedly more powerful and more intelligent than Luffy he was handily defeated by this unknown rookie. So obviously he was missing some key ingredients to being a great pirate captain. So feel free to let me know what you thought of Kuro and where you place him amongst the villain Luffy faced. Overall to me at the time he seemed a very powerful pirate, but as the show progress it was easy to see he was nothing more than an arrogant bully.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have not talked about this subject much yet, but i liked his video so I'm linking it here so check it out and if you like it go to his channel and subscribe and leave him some comments.
his channel:

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The idea of clowns as the bad guy has been around for a long time and the reason why is because its very effective. Buggy is clown themed pirate captain who while seeming amusingly goofy has a mean and violent side to him. When we are first introduced to him he is using his special "Buggy Balls" , which are extremely powerful cannonballs, to destroy a town for the fun of it. He also does not seem to treat his crew very well if they fail his orders. He is consumed with the notion of treasure and wanting to be the one to have all of it in the world. To this end he seems as if he is willing to do anything to gain his desire, but because of his narrow minded quest he loses site of other aspects of the situation and is easily defeated by Luffy with assistance from Nami. He is the first character in the story we see besides Luffy who has the power of the Devil Fruit. The Bara-Bara (Chop-Chop) Fruit allows Buggy to separate ALL of his body parts and send them flying as he so chooses. Another aspect of his power is that he is immune to all sword attacks because his body will just separate normally. As the case with Luffy we find that his consumption of the Devil Fruit was not voluntary but rather accidentally. On a funny twist it could even be considered the fault of the same man Shanks that both Luffy and Buggy have the Devil Fruit abilities .

While Buggy is a stereotypical bad guy who wants to rob and plunder to get what he wants he does come off at comical moments. Another one of his traits is the use of "flashy" to describe how everything should be done. It leads me to believe he is very egotistical and wanting to make everything he does seem bigger than life so as to garner more fame and wealth. He has a rage problem when someone says anything about his big red nose, even going so far as to mishear what someone said . While he has cruelty in his nature especially when we first meet him these aspects help bring him down from the level of a truly evil person in my opinion. As we will see later on after his first appearance Buggy does undergo some character development and we can see he is not that bad of a guy especially when compared to other villains of One Piece. While he still maintains the same overall goal he does not seem to come off as vicious or cutthroat after his first appearance.

He has also become a fan favorite among many One Piece fans for his personality. He is not my favorite character or anything, but he truly grew on me especially in the War and Impel Down. While he can be damn right annoying at times he still has some redeeming qualities which i find endearing. So if you like Buggy let me know in the comments and such . I am curious to see how many people are really fans of his and why. As the manga/anime has moved forward we have continued to be reintroduced to him and i feel his story is not finished in One Piece yet. Is there more to come form this clown pirate or have we seen all there is to our glorious flashy Buggy?

Monday, September 13, 2010

One Piece Villains #2: Captain "Axehand" Morgan

Capatin "Axehand" Morgan

The second big time villain/enemy whom Luffy faced was a marine Captain Axehand Morgan who was in charge of an island marine base. Morgan is a fairly large man with an axe where his hand should be and a metal jaw like contraption. He used both his rank and skill to intimidate the other marines on the island as well as the citizens. He was the first case to show us in One Piece universe that the marines can just be as evil, vile and coldblooded as any pirate. Although he claimed that rank was all that mattered and spouted nonsense about it showing his strength he was easily defeated by Luffy with the assistance of Zoro. His look is a cool design but his character was no more than just some petty tyrant ruling over a small island and abusing his limited authority. His development was both lacking and also not necessary , because i view him as Oda's way of introducing the readers to the idea that not all marines are good. Also it shows how some people are easily corrupted by their meager amount of power and influence and abuse such things. Also he had a good for nothing ason who used hsi father;s name to be a complete asshole to everyone in town, but the irony was not even his father could stand him. Neither did his father really care for him once again showing what type of bastard Morgan truly was. Helmeppo his son even reformed his ways to spite his father and now works with the marines .

Although he was not that an awesome of a villain or that memorable Morgan served his purpose to illustrate  to the reader that Luffy even though he is a pirate is not a bad guy. Also it is there to show us just because someone is suppose to be a good guy does not mean that is what they truly are. After his defeat he was captured and imprisoned but subsequently escaped and as of now his whereabouts are unknown and i doubt he will ever show up again. On a note of trivia Morgan is the pirate that survived Kuro's act and was the one who got credit for his capture. This could be a reason as to why he was given a higher rank and command of the base where he soon after abused his power. Let me know what you thought about Morgan with a comment . He was fine for what purpose he served but Oda has created much more interesting and varied characters after his appearance, but those will have to wait for another time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Alvida (original look)

The first main villain/enemy Luffy encounters in the One Piece world is pirate Captain Alivda. She is a mean spirited fat ugly woman who mistreats her crew with the use of her iron mace. She thinks she is beautiful and doe not tolerate anyone saying others wise although she is truly ugly on the outside and  the inside. We first meet her after Luffy is accidentally rescued by some of her crew form a barrel in the ocean while she is attacking a cruise ship. Her belief that she is strong and will be a powerful pirate leads her to mistreat her crew and others. She thinks Luffy is a nuisance and he will be easily defeated by her, but to her misfortune Luffy takes her iron mace attack without a scratch then one hit knocks her completely off her ship and out of the picture or so we think..

Although as compared to normal humans she is strong to Luffy and other pirates she would be one of the weakest in the One Piece world. Also her actions of treating her subordinates like trash and forcing Coby into her service would fit a stereotypical pirate. These attributes are not all that common among most good pirates in One Piece therefore hurting her chances of being more powerful. The delusion of both her beauty and power are part of why she will not be anyone special in the pirate world anytime soon.

After her defeat by Luffy Coby was able to leave and she was sent flying to parts unknown. She however was not completely destroyed and would return later with a new look and powers, which i will do in a separate edition of One Piece Villains, because to me she is almost a completely new villain. This introduction of her was more of a straight away back story of who she would later become.  In my opinion she was just an initial fodder enemy to show Luffy is not a a joke when it comes to fighting although his personality sets him up to seem useless at times. Where she was not much I think her inclusion as a One Piece villain was crucial to establishing many things which come back in the story overall. Feel free to comment on what you thought of her as a villain and if you liked her or not.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have not been writing much on this lately, because of my utter sadness over One Piece being on a 4 week long break. At first i was intending on rereading the entire series. Although i have read them so much I felt it would be a waste of my limited time . Therefore I decided to catch up on some anime and manga I had recommended to me. First i tried to read Soul Eater, but could not get into it at all. I may come back to this one, but on my own time. Then i decided to try out Hitman Reborn and began to fall for it as an anime and watched all 200 episodes in a matter of a week or so. Then i read up in the manga to catch up with the recent ones. Now i went for an oldie that i had heard of and have watched half of it so far. these things i have had as a distraction while One Piece is on its break. I am just curious as to what everyone else has done to pass the time. I shall keep up with these series and such and remain an avid reader of One Piece. Also i should be able to get back to making more videos as well.

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If you check out this "What If" cover for chapter 596 you can easily notice Ace's tattoo is different from the one he always had throughout the manga . Every time we saw besides this one it was spelled like this ASCE with the S crossed out. In the chapter where Sabo wrote a letter to Ace an Luffy telling them he was leaving you can see the S with the cross through it is Sabo's pirate mark. Also it is seen on his flag as he tries to leave out for sea. This denotes that Ace knew about what this mark meant and had it tattooed on him as a sort of way of paying respect to his supposedly fallen brother and friend. When Sabo's mark was shown to be a crossed out S most people came to the conclusion that's why the  crossed out S was in Ace's tattoo. Although it was a widely spread rumor that Oda had supposedly told in an SBS that the crossed out S was a mistake by the tattoo artist. This has not been confirmed and therefore it makes perfect sense that it was in honor of Sabo the whole time. Now with the realization that if Sabo was alive and grew up with Ace and Luffy then Ace's tattoo would be different and it is in this cover page. I think this is Oda's way of telling us he knew about Sabo the whole time since the introduction of Ace and goes to show us how great a writer he is. This also must mean Oda plans out his story very far in advance and knows where it will be going as an overall story. Or of course he could just be retconning it to fit what he has just not written. Maybe we will never know, but to me it just reassures me of Oda's great story telling ability. This is why his story continues to amaze and delight us all , because he actually knows where he is going with it. Let me know what you think in the comments and such and feel free to pass this blog post around to anyone you feel who would be interested in such things.

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Watch my Chapter Zero review below first before you watch Strong World review.

Now check out One Piece Movie 10 Strong World Review .There are tons of spoilers if you have not seen the movie do not watch this review.

I hope you enjoy at least one if not both of these reviews. It's two for one this week because it is a tie in episode . Let me know what you think in the comments here or on the youtube video. Thanks for your viewership and such. Hopefully these can ease your hearts since there was no new One Piece chapter this week.

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Strong World Plans

Well i watched movie 10 Strong World a couple days ago and it was very good. I plan on doing an official review of it soon when i get the time. I have been busy with my real life job of lately so it may take a little while. I do not want to ruin what I plan on saying in this post, but be assured it will be entertaining and informative. I may also do a short review of Chapter 0 form the manga as a back story to the movie review. Also the movie review will probably put on my account so i can use some of the footage from the movie in it. The Chapter 0 will be on Youtube, with a link to the official Strong World movie review. Alot of people have been asking about it so i wanted to post this up so people can know what my plans are for the future on this. I am shooting for next week because i think i should have the time to do it. I appreciate any and all comments on what you would be interested in hearing form me on the movie or Chapter 0 so feel free to post them here. I got tons of ideas for stuff, just lack the time and the energy right now. That's why I am trying to make some money off this stuff so i can be able to spend less timer in real world job and put more effort into these things. So by viewing and all that stuff helps me to be able to do more and better videos and blogs in the future. Thanks to all who have helped in whatever ways they were able. Any and all of your support helps me do what I love.

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Ice vs Magma: Akainu or Aokiji

So last chapter Sengoku mentioned that he is giving up his post as Fleet Admiral and in doing so reccomended Aokiji for the position. Now with this came alot of it should be Akainu screams fomr the fans. I personally think Aokiji is the most logical choice of any of the admirals. he is lazy yes, but he also has a sense of fairness as well as a personal justice as opposed to a blatant overuse of absolute justice. While Akainu has an overly hard concept of absolute justice at all costs. Surely if Akainu was to be fleet admiral he would order entire islands wiped out with only the slightest provaction. We all know what he did at Ohara just on the off chance that Robin was on that ship. I think his anger and aggression would be detrimental to the post and that's why I think Sengoku recommended Aokiji instead. Plus I do not see Akainu taking the post even if it was offered to him, because he seems the type to more likely want to do things himself as opposed to giving out orders. He is very unstable in my opinion and could cause worse damage than good. Although counter to this the Marines and World Government have been known to do many cruel things form killing all pregnant women and babies just encase one was Roger's child to destroying the entirety of Ohara. From what we know of Sengoku he can have cruel intentions, but i still see him as more midway road person as opposed to the way Akainu would handle the situation.

Although we must not be ones to assume we know Oda's ideas so clearly. Of course he could throw us a swerve at any moment. Maybe I am just being overtly biased as I do not personally think it would be good for Akainu to be the Fleet Admiral. Either way the times they are a changin and hopefully we will eventually get an answer as to who will be the next Fleet Admiral. Let me know what you think in the comments and such. If you have a good reason why either of these should or should not be next in charge or even if you think it could be Kizaru. I am more than glad to hear about it.

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Luffy will NOT become a Shichibukai!!

Is this the face of a Shichibukai?
I hate to bitch about stupid theories because as we all know they come and go and sometimes they are so absurd they become laughable. However, with this one stupid theory based on what the "News" about Luffy will be has infuriated me to no end. It is beyond just a crazy theory and enters the realm of I do not know how to read or care about One Piece at all. I assume some of the use of this could be trolling, but I find some people are earnest is their belief this is what happened. There are MANY reasons this would never happen both form Luffy's perspective as well as the World Government. I shall now list some of the many reasons why this makes absolutely zero sense in the story and would go against all we already know about the One Piece universe and Luffy.
  1. Luffy is Dragon's son and therefore the World Government would not allow someone like that to be in their midst.
  2. Luffy has already made an enemy of the WG on his own even beyond just the normal pirate ways. For fucks sake he burnt the WG flag and thus denoted declaring WAR on them.
  3. The WG wants him dead especially since the Celestial Dragon incident. No way would they let him off the hook even if Sengoku did.
  4. Luffy hates the WG for what they did in killing Ace. He would not work for them not in the slightest.
  5. Luffy also has detest for them because of what they did to Nico Robin.
  6. Luffy wants to be free at all costs, therefore being the "DOG" of the WG would not be anything he would ever consider.
  7. Since Robin was amused by the "event" there is no way he would be a Shichibukai, because she probably hates the WG more so than Luffy.
Well that's just some of the many reason I think its a stupid theory. I am sure there are some scenarios which would make it somewhat feasible, but I think it would go against all we know and love about Luffy's character. As well as against the nature of the WG. If you have any other reason this would be a stupid idea feel free to comment below or heaven forbid you think its a great idea try and explain yourself, but i do not guarantee I will even consider them as feasible. If I am wrong I will personally make an apology for my ideas, but I do not really see that being the case. This was just one of those things that pisses me off even more so than all the every guy in the revolutionaries  is Sabo theories going around.

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's DEFINITELY Sabo.. well probably not

So upon the release of chapter 593 of One Piece, the speculation that the feather hat guy revolution form Robin's side story is Sabo all grown up has once again overwhelmed us. Some think it verifies it even more now seeing him more clearly, but to me it is the complete opposite. Also when we see another revolutionary member it also adds that the is Sabo as well. Oh my god every revolutionary is Sabo is what it seems liek it has become with some people. He below image shows both grown up Sabo's with a child Sabo in the middle. Do you think either of these two could be Sabo really?
Well another theory to help explain why the Hawaiian shirt wearing revolutionary does not look anything like Sabo is explained by how much Coby changed from the beginning of the series to when he met up with Luffy again after Enies Lobby. Someone even made a math logic image to try and illustrate the correlation. I did not make this image only using it for reference sake.

Sabo Proof?

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Marineford Arc Starts in the Anime

There should be a link to the first episode of One Piece anime Marineford arc if you have not seen it yet. If you haven't i suggest you go watch it first then return here for the review.
watch it here
Episode 459

Well this is the first use of the new opening thirteen for One Piece and i must say it does set a much darker mood both in the animation and the song. The opening is fine with me, but for those who only watch the anime and do not read the manga it will surely spoil you on some of the characters powers which until now have been a mystery. It does not seem to show many scene spoilers however so it should still allow for the tension to build naturally as it did in the manga.

This is just the prelude to the war and not much happens until the end. Its used mostly to build tension for the arrival of Whitebeard and the upcoming war, by showing different perspectives from people all over the One Piece world. Also it introduces us to some of the marine/warlord players and we saw all the big names are here. This shows how much this war is concerning the marines because all three of the admirals are present together as well as all the Warlords who remain loyal to the world government. As well it would seem the marines have gathered all their strong members from across the world to come here. The narrator informs us that there are well over one hundred thousand troops here at this time.  And that is mainly to stop one man Whitebeard. How badass must he be that he requires such an immense number of troops to be stopped. This entire episode is pretty much just used to setup the appearance of Whitebeard and let the watcher know just how fearsome he is to the world.

We also get introduced to Luffy who has finally arrived at the Gates of Justice, but how will he and his ragtag group be able to get through it? As this is pondered we get Ace being placed on the execution platform. And there is some big news which Sengoku is about to reveal to the world to justify the reason they must execute Ace at any cost. We find out that Ace's mother Rouge was able somehow to keep him in her womb for twenty months to hide him from the Marines, because he is the son of no other than Gol D. Roger. Ace is shocked to find out that they know of this and the all of Marineford is shocked into silence at this news. At this point if you don't read the manga that is we finally learn Ace and Luffy are not blood relations. It is also revealed that Roger asked Garp to look after Ace for him because he felt the sins of the father should not be placed upon the child. I myself agree with this sentiment, but of course the Marines fear of an heir to the Roger bloodline act as he must be extinguished at any cost. That is where this episode ends on the revelation of Ace's true father.

This episode was both amazing and lackluster at the same time, because it was just a setup . Although when we get the payoff in the next few episodes I expect it to become very interesting and entertaining. My only concern is how much filler will be placed in this arc . Although if they go the smart route and just extend certain fight scenes and such it will do justice to the arc as a whole, but if they go off on some weird tangent then i worry it will hurt it . We will just have to wait and see for ourselves. I have been looking forward to this and I hope all those who watch the anime will enjoy it.

Closing notes do you guys think it will be a good arc to see animated or will it just be lackluster. let me know your thoughts. And stay tuned for more anime reviews as we enter what will hopefully be a superb arc for the anime.

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Another BLOG

So I decided to create a seperate blog for my movie reviews and such and try and keep this one more aimed at One Piece. This one will also still be used fomr time to time to talk about other things, but the new one will only be used for my movie reviews and info reguarding them. I put a new blog post up there invovling my next review so feel free to check it out if you are interested in those sort of things. here is a link to the ohter blog. Feel free to let me know what you think about it either on this post or the one there. Any feedback is appreciated .

The Movie Madhouse

Sunday, July 4, 2010


This is my first movie review in this style so let me know what you think.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Is this Sabo??

I am putting an image of the character people think could be Sabo all grown up and part of the revolutionaries. Feel free to speculate if you think it is possible or not. My opinion is it may be him although i highly doubt it. I do agree he will most likely become a revolutionary , but that this specific character is him is not all that likely.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kick Ass Outrage

I do not normally do movie reviews and such, but after recently seeing this movie and hearing about all the outcries of how vulgar and profane it is I just had to. The people seem to have a problem with the young super hero girl Hit Girl played by Chloe Grace Moretz using profanity in the movie. This moral outrage comes due to the fact the character and the actress are both around the age of eleven. I do not know in what type of world these naive moral linguistically challenged people reside. For me and many others an adolescent using profanity is as common place as a bird flying . Do these people still think this is the days of the horse and buggy when bad words are truly a "curse" as opposed to being a just words . The condemnation of an entire movie based on something so trivial is beyond me. I scoff at all the detractors who would attempt to ban or censor this movie/comic based on the use of language. The ironic thing about it is that most of the so called outrage is due to the supposed inappropriate language used by Hit Girl and not due to the extreme violence which she inflicts on the villains. Either thing causes me no problem or would force me to abandon seeing this film. Do we live in such a world where people can not see the difference between reality and fiction. Always people say violence in games and movies makes its way into reality. Although it is the converse which is true it is our violent nature as human beings which sees it way into our fiction, because it is what we know and feel therefore making it easier to translate into film or written word. These tendencies towards violence are in humanity itself and I for one would prefer to see them carried out in the land of make believe in films than in real life.

Another issue i have here is if you fear for your child developing into some sort of sadistic super hero after seeing this movie i must laugh. Where is it that the responsibility to come from the movie studios or the parents. My take is these outragers do not want to tell their children about reality so they want the movies and other media to do their jobs for them. I see this as the real problem not the use of profanity or violence in media. Sorry to go on a rant and not talk about the movie much, but what has spurred my need to write this is due to that outrage of these small minded petty people.

Now on to better things my thoughts of the film. At first i thought it was almost going to be a spoof like super hero movie, but i could not have been more wrong by the end of the film. A teenager Dave Lizewski asks himself why are there no real super heroes. At first seeing this nerdy kid with no super powers or physical skill I immediately thought that this would be a farce of super heroes. Yes he tries and fails but there in lies the theme of this film that the risk of failure is well worth it if its for something you value. After he gets e-famous through a Youtube video of his exploits we finally meet some real super heroes in the style of Batman with no powers aside form weapons and fighting skills. At this point i realize this is no farce and is an action super hero movie with real drama and story behind it. Another aspect small as it really is shows the character of Dave and how becoming Kick Ass can change who he is and shows character development much stronger than any comedy would dare dream of doing. As well as having a small love story which develops between Dave and Katie. The story has alot of different elements form humour, action, drama and love that all intertwine into one whole movie which is both entertaining and moving. Many people these days complain about action films having no story, plot or characters. Well i have to beg different on this one i felt that it had all three in spades. Yes, some of it is the stereotypical hero story .. man becomes hero has a problem decides to quit being hero but in the end something forces him to continue. It is not the rehashing of old ideas which are bad in Hollywood it is how they are done and in this case i think Kick Ass did it very well. I am not going to go into to much more detail of the film because i do not wish to spoil it for those who have not seen it, but if you like action and comedy with a mix of drama and emotion I suggest seeing this film. And to all the detractors who commend it as crude or vulgar is say to you this " The blogs over MOTHERFUCKERS!"

Friday, April 30, 2010


As many of us know the translations of One Piece can vary in skill depending on the translator's knowledge and skill. However sometimes they do not translate the words into English to give them more meaning. Some of the fans are vehemently opposed to this practice and will complain at a moments notice. I do not havea problem with this and accept it as part of reading the managa.

The main word which comes to mind when i think of this topic is "nakama" which roughly translates as friend. Although form what i have read and heard it has a deeper meaning in Japanese than just friendship and therefore some translators a while back decided to keep it in its Japanese form as opposed to translating it to English. In doing so they created a somewhat phenomenon that enraged and excited different aspects of the One Piece fandom. I have seen people who hate the use of "nakama" more than anyone logically should and i have seen some people overuse it with provaction more time than i can remember. I find it funny that some of these same peopel who hate the use of "nakama" have no problem with other non-translated words. Until the newest of the tranlator issues came about when "haki" was introduced and translators began not translating it. Once again i was not bothered by this and understood the reasons behind the non-translation of the word. But some vehemently decried it as the beginning of the end of proper translating.

I find it funny that anyone would have a problem with untranslated words in One Piece because many times Oda himself uses foreign languages ( foreign to him) in his works from the French of Sanji to the Spanish and such of Nico Robin. Therefore i see no reason this would be a problem if the English version of One Piece would include Japanese words. These are some of the reasons i do not like posting in forums and such because I do not care about such trivial things. Of course i realize there are good posters because if there weren't i would not bother reading forums. I just do not like to get into it with some people because they care to much about one opinion that they will keep on keeping on as they say.

So in the end i only see the problem if its a hoprrible mistranlations or completely out of context. A few choice Japanese words to show somethign is truly important works fine by me.

Friday, March 19, 2010


In this post i will be discussing the edits that were made to One Piece by 4KIDS company when they dubbed it for American television. Some of them are minor and were just used to tone down some violence or sexuality or smoking references but others i just do not get. This is just the first few things I and others have noticed. I will try and post more as i move along in my review/recaps of the entire series of one piece. When I talk about One Piece in my videos i will always be using the original anime as base and never 4KIDS just pointing these things out as to why maybe One Piece never took off in USA originally.

First image is from Episode 3 of One Piece where the FOX 4Kids dub edited the gun in Helmeppo's hand into some sort of bubble gun or some shit..

4KIDS (left) / ORIGINAL (right)

Next image is one of the more infamous edits 4Kids did not for violence, sexuality or reference to smoking or drinking. Did they do this to save from being labeled racist or did they do this because they are racist? Is it taking things to much into the realm of political correctness to change the characters skin color? In the following image there is a crew member of Buggy who is black in color in original, however the 4KIDS decide he should be white to protect the children..



These are just two early comparisons of changes there will be more in the future so stay tuned.
Another non physical edit to the show was the renaming of the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro to Zolo. Since they were worried about conflicts with the name Zoro from the Mexican swordman with the mask and the Z slash. They are nothing alike except for having the same name and both using swords. Also Kuina Zoro's friend who he promised one of them would be the greatest swordsman is dead in the original but only sick and unable to continue being swordsman in the 4KIDS. 4KIDS tried to turn One Piece into a child friendly Americanized cartoon but that's not what it is and that's part of the reason it failed.
Also here is a link to the 4KIDS opening theme which has also garnered many harsh critics over the years. However I must admit when i first heard it i enjoyed it but upon watching the original i now know why people were so harsh on it.