Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As the Strawhats entered the Grandline through Reverse Mountain the first villains they encounter are in a two person team which has been sent to kill Laboon for his meat. Right away this makes you dislike them immensely because they are trying to kill Laboon. Even before we learn his back story we can not help but love Laboon. That is the facts of life as they say so detest these villains even though they were just trying to find some food . Although the villains are in a partnership I will address them each as two separate entries into the villains list and you do not like that then well too bad for you.

Ms. Wednesday seems to be a fairly young woman that uses these spinning blade things on strings to fight with . From her first appearance it is very easy to tell she is no match for Luffy or any of the other crew for that matter. As far as threatening villains go i would put her at the very bottom of those I have discussed so far. Even though we have entered the Grandline the first villains we see seem even weaker than those from East Blue and I wonder why that is? This part of the world was built up to be very treacherous although this is the best they could throw at us? To me this is just Oda building up suspense to the even tougher villains we will face.

Upon first meeting Ms. Wednesday we do not know of her connection to the Baroque Works, but only think she is just someone out looking for food for her island. Her skills are decent earning her a place in the top ten members of BW, but compared to the rest she is not that skillful. There is nothing that exciting about her character or abilities that make her all that impressive. If not for her face turn she would be the most forgettable villain in history of One Piece. I wonder if this is why she is hated amongst tons of OP fans, because she was originally out to kill Laboon? As we all know she turns into VIVI who becomes a friend of the Strawhats, because she was just infiltrating BW to find out who their leader is and what his plans are for the future. While as a villain she is very plain and lacking I like the introduction of her as an ally and friend this way. It is an unique way to introduce her to us as someone we dislike and showing her to grow to someone we do. Without Oda's skills as a writer it would be hard to do this and as we know he does this very often. This would become a trend for the befriending of enemies by the Strawhats and especially those from the Baroque Works organization. Do you think Oda uses this too much or is it still cool to see an old enemy join with Strawhat and develop more as a character? While I think it does get a bit old ; to me it is a very good way to show character development and change in a person . This maybe why i value Oda's skills so much. In ending this was not so much about Ms. Wednesday, but rather about the whole trope of Oda turning heels into faces in a very well written manner. Face it Ms. Wednesday was not all that much to talk about anyways so I decided to get on my soap box here instead. Feel free to leave me any thoughts about this.

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