Tuesday, September 28, 2010


MR. 9
Mr. 9 is the partner agent to Ms. Wednesday and he appeared with her trying to kill Laboon. He too is weak and not all that exciting, but offers up some humorous moments. He uses acrobatic and steel bats to do his fighting although against Zoro he was no match. He for some reason sees himself as some sort of prince, but to me he is just a poser. When they are at Whiskey Peak he actually has a face turn when he finds out about Ms. Wednesday's true identity and decides to help her escape out of friendship. Although he was annoying and not all that capable of a villain he does get some mild character development. This comes from his first encounter as a evil baboon to the point of showing true friendship to Vivi and possibly even dying because of her. I wonder if he survived and if he did did Vivi ever find him and they became great friends. This is one thing Oda never mentioned that I am somewhat curious about. While he was a lackluster villain I think that he at least had more depth than many villains in  other media and therefore is not a complete waste. His stint in One Piece was short lived, but he will always be remembered in our hearts. What do you think of Mr. 9 was he really all that bad of a guy?

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