Sunday, September 26, 2010


This next section of my One Piece villains series will start with a unified group of villains. While I will do the individual members as they appear I just wanted to mention the overall picture of this group dynamic which at the time was a new thing to the One Piece story. First of all this is a group which is actively working together to accomplish a certain goal. This is an over reaching arc that encompasses a much bigger story line than the previous arcs up til this point. I think Oda used this idea to help show how vast the New World is and the challenges the Strawhats will face . Baroque Works has a few specific main villains whom make an impact, but it is a very large organization with thousands of members. This also adds new scope to the struggles Luffy and the others much overcome. Up to now they were usually outnumber, but at this point they are one small pirate crew versus an entire army. The odds against them are tremendous and if they overcome it this will surely ensure they are worthy of being in the Grand Line. I personally like the whole Baroque Works arc, because it was a change of pace and it added alot of dynamics to the entire story. It also has a long drawn out plot with an actual ending to it. So stay tuned as i delve into all the "major" villains who are apart of this huge overwhelming organization known as Baroque Works. Also feel free to let me know what you think of the BW arc as a whole and such.

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