Friday, September 24, 2010



The only reason I am mentioning Alvida again is that her looks changed drastically after she ate the Smooth-Smooth Fruit. She is the first character we see in real time before and after to get a devil fruit. For her it was a drastic change for her look. Although in her own delusional mind she only claims it caused the loss of her freckles. As readers we notice the affects of the fruit cause all her fat to be smoothed out. This aspect of the fruit is the first one we are shown, because at first we have no clue who this woman is until she is revealed as Alvida. At this point her motives have changed to revenge on Luffy. She has even gone as far as teaming with Buggy to accomplish this goal which both of them share. The power of her newly acquired fruit can also be used to stop almost any attack. As shown all acts simply slide off of her be they blunt or edged weapons. Aside form the obvious advantages this brings she also can use it to maneuver at a fast speed and employ her iron mace. Although the change in power seems great it still does not bring her up to par with other great pirates. Her character seems the same as well besides her lust for revenge on Luffy.

While I would think she could definitely use this power to her advantage she does not seem to step up her game and remains a minor villain to Luffy up to this point. Her new found beauty also makes her very appealing to all who see her and especially Sanji. Aside from it being very awesome to see a character change in appearance so drastically from eating of a Devil Fruit she does not really bring much to the table. To me she is a semi forgettable villain and although she still remains involved in the story to this day I doubt she will ever amount to much truly. So what do you guys think about Oda employing a changed enemy to return to face Luffy again? While it was interesting to see I still am not sold on Alvida, because she lacks development and a real threatening style.

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