Friday, September 24, 2010



The only reason I am mentioning Alvida again is that her looks changed drastically after she ate the Smooth-Smooth Fruit. She is the first character we see in real time before and after to get a devil fruit. For her it was a drastic change for her look. Although in her own delusional mind she only claims it caused the loss of her freckles. As readers we notice the affects of the fruit cause all her fat to be smoothed out. This aspect of the fruit is the first one we are shown, because at first we have no clue who this woman is until she is revealed as Alvida. At this point her motives have changed to revenge on Luffy. She has even gone as far as teaming with Buggy to accomplish this goal which both of them share. The power of her newly acquired fruit can also be used to stop almost any attack. As shown all acts simply slide off of her be they blunt or edged weapons. Aside form the obvious advantages this brings she also can use it to maneuver at a fast speed and employ her iron mace. Although the change in power seems great it still does not bring her up to par with other great pirates. Her character seems the same as well besides her lust for revenge on Luffy.

While I would think she could definitely use this power to her advantage she does not seem to step up her game and remains a minor villain to Luffy up to this point. Her new found beauty also makes her very appealing to all who see her and especially Sanji. Aside from it being very awesome to see a character change in appearance so drastically from eating of a Devil Fruit she does not really bring much to the table. To me she is a semi forgettable villain and although she still remains involved in the story to this day I doubt she will ever amount to much truly. So what do you guys think about Oda employing a changed enemy to return to face Luffy again? While it was interesting to see I still am not sold on Alvida, because she lacks development and a real threatening style.

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Well after the arlong arc the next enemy that Luffy faces on his journey is not so much a villain as he is just an enemy to overcome. That person is the marine Smoker who is in charge of Loguetowm. The reason i do not classify him as a villain is because he is not a bad guy, but rather just on an opposite side from Luffy. His attitude and way of acting are far different than Morgan. Although he is a marine he would be the type of marine one would want to be a marine, because he actually does not abuse his power. He uses his power to truly protect the justice and peace of Loguetown and East Blue.

His design is super unique and he is the very first Logia Devil Fruit user we encounter in the One Piece world. The design for him both in character and physical appearance are memorable and different enough from other characters to show his true personality. He has a stance on justice that Luffy is a pirate so he must catch him, and most likely he could since he is supposedly the toughest marine in all of East Blue. The battle between him and Luffy is really Luffy's first true defeat in the series and although he escapes the battle is truly not over. Smoker's true colors of being stubborn come out after the defaet when he decides he will leave his post and follow after Luffy no matter the cost. His determination is astounding as he will chase Luffy and become his true nemesis for the show. Smoker has the tendency to not follow the standard idea of justice but rather lives up to his own sort of justice. The unforgettable thing about the encounter with he and Luffy is this is first time Luffy actively runs as opposed to fighting . This may also be because he is not truly a villain and therefore Luffy does not have some great thing to accomplish by defeating him. Also I think his character appearing right before the entrance to the Grandline helps to show us there will be many stronger opponents and tests to overcome in the Grandline.

Although Smoker is not evil as shown by the previous villains i have mentioned he still definitely manages to give Luffy a hard time . He even seems to be set on the capture of Luffy thus turning him into a true nemesis whom will follow Luffy for many chapters to come. As overall I am very impressed with Smoker as a character and all the traits he has to his development. He goes to show that even Marines are not all bad guys, but only some who seem to believe in certain aspects. His unquenchable thirst to capture pirates makes him the perfect nemesis for Luffy. Let me know how you feel about Smoker and whether or not you see him as a villain or like i do just a antagonist . We will definitely see Smoker more as the story progress. But in the end who will finally triumph Smoker or Luffy?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I know a lot of people are wondering when ch. 598 will be out and as far as I know it will be out September,29th. I have also heard it will have 24 pages instead of the regular 18 or so. There has been much anticipation for this chapter since we learned One Piece would be on break for four issues. Also it will finally clear up the whole time skip theories and we can see what is to come with the second half of the Grandline. I say to all of you reading this just be patient it will return and once it does we shall once again be bound to the glory that is One Piece. All those who went blind from to much fapping while the break occurred I truly feel sorry for you and hope next time you can learn more patient when awaiting a Manga as epic as One Piece to return. I do not know if Oda will take more frequent breaks or if this was just a break he needed to get ready to entertain us more than ever. I too am very excited by this and can not wait so stay tuned to this blog and my Youtube channel for new videos about new chapters of One Piece. YAY! let me know what you think the future will hodl for One Piece and ch. 598.


In my opinion the first truly great villain in One Piece is the sawfish fishman Arlong who was once a member of the Sunny Pirates. This was a pirate crew of all fishman that was once led by Fisher Tiger and later Jimbei. After they broke up Arlong took some of the remnants of the crew and created hsi own pirate crew. Arlong decided it was best to take over the world one sea at a time starting with the weakest East Blue. With his years of experience as a pirate he knew East Blue was well known for being the easiest prey for Fishmen who are far stronger than ordinary humans. His arrival in East Blue was around the time when Nami was but a small child and way before Luffy's adventure began. He used an idea of extorting money for protection form villagers rather than going through the trouble of wreaking havoc on numerous island to gain his wealth and power. This method worked well for him until the fateful day Monkey D. Luffy arrived at Arlong Park.

Arlong's design and strength went way beyond those of other villains Luffy had faced until this point and made him a very memorable villain even to this day. Arlong's main characteristic was his hatred for humans as far as calling them lesser life forms than Fishmen. This trait is one thing that probably allowed him to torment them so easily with no remorse. This aided him with his excessive love for money and enable him to take advantage of the physically weaker humans in East Blue for his own motives. Also as we later find out more of Fishman history we can see how truly well developed Arlong's character is at this time. His motives and past once revealed allow us to see he had much more to him than most other villains at the time in One Piece. His racist attitude is a new concept because he does not just despise people he actually thinks they are inferior to Fishmen in every aspect. He is also a villain which hurt to a vast extent one of Luffy's soon to be crew mates in the form of Nami. With this we actually begin to have more vested in hating him as a villain since he destroyed the life of someone we had gotten to knwo and care for throughout the journey. This could be one reason most people still remember him vividly when they think back to old viallins in One Piece. Another thing is he has some redeemable qualities in the fact he cares for his crew as opposed to most of the villains we have seen so far. Once he finds out they have been injured by the human scum of Luffy and the others he goes into a great outrage. Although he shares this trait with Luffy he still far away from being a good person, but we can understand his pain once we learn of the Fishman history in the Saobody Arc.

His skill and power as a fighter are supposedly unmatched in East Blue, because of his Fishman strength and crew. He also has brought a creature from the Grandline which also garners him more fear an power. He has tremendous fighting capabilities as well as certain attributes that make him a very dangerous opponent to Luffy. He can regrow his teeth and has a supposedly unbreakable razor sharp nose at his disposal that inflicts great damage on all he touches. As he fights he even gets stronger with his rage and it powers him up even more. With all his advantages Arlong seem to be a shoe in to defeat Luffy, but once Luffy understands the pain Nami went through there is no stopping him. As this fight ends the entirety of Arlong Park is destroyed and all the Fishmen are soundly defeated. The island and Nami's village are finally free from this horrible tyrant. This is the beginning of Luffy developing his true strength of character that he will use much throughout  One Piece .

As I stated before Arlong is a very important villain in the scheme of things and not only is he unique, but he also helps to improve our understanding and love for Luffy. Many people have said the Arlong Park arc of One Piece is what sold them on the story and made them true fans. This is mainly due to the greatness and believability of Arlong as a villain. Therefore to me Arlong is the best villain of the entire East Blue saga and still to this day ranks up there with many of Luffy's other great enemies. Feel free to let me know what you thought about Arlong and give me your perspective on him. If you liked this feel free to share it with other like minded people and if you hated it do not tell me so I don't cry.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Don Krieg was a monstrous pirate captain know for being a pirate who commanded an armada of 50 ships with over 5,000 men. Even though Krieg had tremendous brute strength his real strength was in his vast fleet and crew. He also used many underhanded tricks and weapons to win his battles, but he did not have the true heart of a great pirate. He let his success in East Blue go to his head and he ventured to the Grandline and was easily defeated by one man, Mihawk.

When we first meet him he has just come crawling back to East Blue in an attempt to try and regain some of his former power by procuring the Baratie to be his new secret weapon pirate ship, so that he can use it for sneak attacks. These dirty tricks of his show his lack of true fighting spirit. This is realized by Luffy especially when he disregards the safety of his own crew to win a battle. No matter how many men or weapons or tricks Krieg employed he was defeated by one man Luffy.

As Krieg went i did not care for his character on iota. He was rotten even by pirate standards and the gran scheme of things was a very small pirate. the character design as fine and had its unique traits. However, the character itself was limited and was just carbon copy of lots of greedy uncaring villains that have come before him. Feel free to let me know what you thought about Krieg in comments and such. While he was a challenge to Luffy at the time I would not even come close to labeling him a great villain or even worth remembering as compared to others created by Oda.