Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strong World Plans

Well i watched movie 10 Strong World a couple days ago and it was very good. I plan on doing an official review of it soon when i get the time. I have been busy with my real life job of lately so it may take a little while. I do not want to ruin what I plan on saying in this post, but be assured it will be entertaining and informative. I may also do a short review of Chapter 0 form the manga as a back story to the movie review. Also the movie review will probably put on my account so i can use some of the footage from the movie in it. The Chapter 0 will be on Youtube, with a link to the official Strong World movie review. Alot of people have been asking about it so i wanted to post this up so people can know what my plans are for the future on this. I am shooting for next week because i think i should have the time to do it. I appreciate any and all comments on what you would be interested in hearing form me on the movie or Chapter 0 so feel free to post them here. I got tons of ideas for stuff, just lack the time and the energy right now. That's why I am trying to make some money off this stuff so i can be able to spend less timer in real world job and put more effort into these things. So by viewing and all that stuff helps me to be able to do more and better videos and blogs in the future. Thanks to all who have helped in whatever ways they were able. Any and all of your support helps me do what I love.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ice vs Magma: Akainu or Aokiji

So last chapter Sengoku mentioned that he is giving up his post as Fleet Admiral and in doing so reccomended Aokiji for the position. Now with this came alot of it should be Akainu screams fomr the fans. I personally think Aokiji is the most logical choice of any of the admirals. he is lazy yes, but he also has a sense of fairness as well as a personal justice as opposed to a blatant overuse of absolute justice. While Akainu has an overly hard concept of absolute justice at all costs. Surely if Akainu was to be fleet admiral he would order entire islands wiped out with only the slightest provaction. We all know what he did at Ohara just on the off chance that Robin was on that ship. I think his anger and aggression would be detrimental to the post and that's why I think Sengoku recommended Aokiji instead. Plus I do not see Akainu taking the post even if it was offered to him, because he seems the type to more likely want to do things himself as opposed to giving out orders. He is very unstable in my opinion and could cause worse damage than good. Although counter to this the Marines and World Government have been known to do many cruel things form killing all pregnant women and babies just encase one was Roger's child to destroying the entirety of Ohara. From what we know of Sengoku he can have cruel intentions, but i still see him as more midway road person as opposed to the way Akainu would handle the situation.

Although we must not be ones to assume we know Oda's ideas so clearly. Of course he could throw us a swerve at any moment. Maybe I am just being overtly biased as I do not personally think it would be good for Akainu to be the Fleet Admiral. Either way the times they are a changin and hopefully we will eventually get an answer as to who will be the next Fleet Admiral. Let me know what you think in the comments and such. If you have a good reason why either of these should or should not be next in charge or even if you think it could be Kizaru. I am more than glad to hear about it.