Sunday, November 15, 2009

Playboy False Advertisement?

Last month it was revealed on Jay Leno that Chelsea Handler would be on the cover of the Decemember isssue of PLayboy . I was excited because i always found her an attractive woman and would greatly enjoy seeing her naked, but to my surprise she is not nude at all. The putting her on the cover is another gimic used by PLayboy such as putting Marge Simpson on the cover the previous month. Technically it is not false advertisement if playboy did not say she would be nude in the magazine, but upon seeing a beautiful female on the cover one would assume she will be posing nude in said magazine. I imagine that is what their advertisement department envisioned in my honest opinion. I was even tempted to purchase this edition just for the simple fact i was misled into thinking she would be posing in a spread , but upon further investigation she is not nude. she has a small comedy article in the magazine about the holidays. I am mainly writing this blog to let people know this before they buy the magazine in the vain hop of seeing Chelsea's naughty bits. Is it wrong to assume that the woman pictured on the cover would be nude in a magazine famous for nude spread of semi-famous people and such? I personally do not think so. Apparently there is another cover which shows the true celebrity nude of this month. She is some contestant form Dancing with the Stars, but i do not care about her. I just wanted Chelsea handler. To sum it all up this is just a dissapointment to me, because upon learning of the cover i had inticpated the magazine and now I am totally let down.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Protecting Your INternet Anonymity

Those of you who use P2P programs probably have heard of Peerguardian2 and maybe you still even use it. Well the next level in peerguardian is a program called peerblock which is based off the open source code for peerguardian 2. The makers of peerblock realized that PG had not updated the program and so took it upon themsleves to rework it slightly. I was having problems with PG and found peerblock to be nearly identical, but without all the issues i have been having. Also they are attempting to raise fund so as to get a digitally signed driver so as to be more avaible on Vista. I suggest anyone who use p2p and wishes to protect their anonymity to check it out.

For some you may not know what this program does or even why you may need it. The program block certain IP adresses form connecting to your computer using blocklists which are updated and can be found on the site as well. Some say it is not affective and truly doing htis and is useless. Although it is no where near fool proof i say it can cut your risk down tremendously of having people who you do not want knowing what you are doing. The program is very small and does not even use much memroy to run in the background while you surf the net.

In short if you have been searching for ways to protect your identity online and found posts about Peerguardian2, i want to reccomend trying the new updated PeerBlock instead. It seems liek these new programmers and trying to keep it more up to date than the old Peerguardian site. So the chances of better features and more helpful interfaces are more likely with Peerblock. Even if PG2 works well for you i would suggest trying peerblock just for the fact they are trying to make it better and are working hard.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Typing Hurts

Well it has been awhile since I wrote a blog , but since I am trying to whore myself out it was time to write a new one. Some people may think that I am trying to sell out or whatever, but I am just trying a new way of doing stuff. If I can work it out it will be better for me. I am the same person I have always been and my new stuff will pander more, but it will still be mine. I need to work on my style and find somehting that works for me and everyone at the same time. This maybe a learning process for me but hopefully it will be succesful. I appreciate all the help I can get and look forward to making this journey with the old people who have been around since i use to make 10 videos a week on Youtube and looking forward to more people enjoying what i may have in store for them. It seems that a lot of people do this sort of thing on the internets, but in reality it is a tiny minority of overall population who do it and even fewer who do it well. With some practice and patience i hope to do it well someday. It is not for everyone, however I am going to make it for me.

For more whoring myself out I am going to ask the following: subscribe to youtube, add me on facebook, subscribe to this blog , subscribe to my blogtv and tell anyone you think would be interested in my way of things. Thanks again for the three people who will read this someday.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well it has been like a week since my last blog entry. Even though i am not getting many viewers on this, that is not the reason why i have not been writing . I am working to much and have less time for leisure. It is good and bad at the same time. I get more hours so that is more money. However, I have to work all day three days this week. I get some small amount of time off between my two short shifts a day, but i usually am trying to eat or relax a bit before i return to work again. It is worse because i must leave then return instead of just working straight through. Then i will be off on Saturday and Sunday this week which does not mean much to me. I will have to deal with more people out and about as i try to do my everyday routine. I much prefer going shopping through the week since there are far less people out. I have to do what I have to so that i can make money to survive. I will be leaving for work in about thirty minutes and i will try and write when i get a spare moment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Manhattan Project


In the beginning I was going to write about the whole movie of the Watchmen , however that became to long and more of a summary. Rather I am going to try to focus on one singular character from the film. This will be the awesome Dr. Manhattan. On first glance he seemed to be to over the top, but upon watching the film all the way through you can see even he struggles.

His power is nearly limitless as i can tell. He is able to harness the world of quantum physics and bend it to his will. Nothing is out of his grasp when it comes to the physical world. I do not know of any other superhero who could withstand him in a purely physical battle. Superman would just be totally broken down to a molecular level with but a thought from Dr. Manhattan. And Superman would be able to do much of anything to Dr. Manhattan since he is non-corporeal. I am not saying Manhattan is a better superhero than Superman because he is not. It is Dr. Manhattan is more powerful on a wider scale than any superhero i can think of at this moment. Manhattans powers are also a weakness that keeps him from seeing us as anything more than insects. Some of the people of his fictional universe conclude he is a god( A moniker which he denies). It makes one wonder though if there was a god would he look at us like Manhattan does? The world in which Manhattan sees thing have caused him to lose all touch with humanity except for his connection to his girlfriend. To him human life is nothing special he does not see it as having any meaning or validity in the universe.

With his lack of empathy humanity it isolates him from us and makes him leave our planet. This introspection which occurs on Mars does lead him back in the end. It is his link to one human which allows him to see we are not all worthless insignificant creatures. I think this is a good way to learn about humanity because on a whole humanity seems worthless, deplorable and without merit. However making a connection to one individual can make one see this in not true for entire human race. Once one can see this it leads to hope for betterment of mankind as a whole. No one can connect to the entire human race, but we can connect to individuals allowing us a glance into the window of what it is to be human. The nihilism we may share for our species as a whole can be disintegrated by one individual and thats what makes us special as I see it. Its a hard sell on the morality of things the sacrifice of the few to save the many. The logic is hard to cope with because we are much more emotional than logical animals. I ask is it in our best interest to be morally ambiguous at certain points? Can logic be truly incorporated into us and allow for ethical and peaceful society while still following a logical path? Is one life equal to a million others ? These are questions we may not ever hop to answer but that doesnt mean they should never be asked nor attempted to be answered.

In the end Dr. Manhattan was as complex as he was powerful. He did somewhat come to terms with morality, emotion and logic. Although I do not know whether even he was sure if he was right in the end. Even with all the power he had he was no god. Makes one wonder, is there even a god?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Skeptism in Horror

I recently watched "The Unborn" which was a mediocre horror film at best. I wondered to myself if this was due to the film itself or rather due to me. I am a skeptic and in horror films skeptics are always wrong. I understand the concept of fiction and that one must suspend disbelief to an extent but i have a hard time not over analyzing the stupidity that can be found in such films. I fear it has limited my enjoyment for such films trying to over analyze every little nuance . One must take these films with a grain of salt and realize unless they are calling themselves documentaries they are total works of fiction. The ones which truly annoy me, however are the ones acclaiming based on a true story especially ones which are of supernatural design. I understand its a selling point, but it is false advertisement in my book. AT best they should say "loosely" based on true events. Since alot of the world will except it in its entirety as truth as opposed to a work of fiction .

The stories in which people make claims that these events could be real are the ones which annoy me the most. All the ones based on religious concepts and exorcisms . It seems to me that these lead credence to these things being factual when they are far from it. Maybe the reason I over analyze those films is because it is what i would do if someone was making the claim in real life situations. In a horror movie nine times out of ten the skeptic is the one who is wrong or crazy thus making it harder for me to relate to the main character which in general is the believer. I attempt to make it clear in my head to be against the skeptics in films , because more than likely they are the ones who are wrong. I just worry people take this approach to many times in real life. With these so called based on real events movies it just encourages this sort of lazy thinking and ignorance. The counter argument to this is that if people see these events as works of fiction then maybe it can allow them to realize that the likely hood of them being true is diminished.

Overall I must set my skeptical nature aside when I indulge in horror movie. So I am able to enjoy it and avoid over analysis. I suggest that this should be a technique used by all skeptics when it comes to works of fiction or we shall get no enjoyment from them. We have to be realistic ourselves and know its fiction for our pleasure . So fellow skeptics enjoy the films and root for the wackos in them just do not cross the line from fantasy to reality. In that we shall be safe from the machinations of those who would say we are overlly sensitive to all things which are beyond belief. I now must go and watch some more horror movies, since they are one of my fave genres of film and enjoy them for what they are as opposed to picking every piece of them apart.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Underwear

First off if you are expecting some sort of eloquent intelligent blog then i suggest you read the title again. Let us now delve into this excruciating experience of new under garments. As someone recently pointed out why do we even bother wearing these things. Although i personally wear boxers so in reality it doesnt offer me any sort of support, but i say it offers me protection and comfort not given by certain materials which may be necessary to wear as other layers. Another thing would just be habit of being use to having underwear upon my bottom half. I personally never was a fan of undershirts , bu say i had worn them for many years i'd have become accustomed to such things and would find it akward without them at the present. These things all combined are what seems to cause me to have the need for such superfulous items .

Now onto the matter at hand the new underwear which i recently purchased at one of the many retail places in our nation. I have as to yet use any of these but today i decided it was time to venture out into some excitemtn and consider trying som of the new ones out. However first i need to rummage through my old worn out underwear. I go about this by taking into account which ones are in disrepair. My first criteria for this was to look for holes but when that failed i took into account the waistband not form fitting on my waist area. Upon inspection i have discenred that i must try them all on so as to truly understand if they are still up to the task of being my underwear. i will in mere moments try them all on and the ones which do not cause immediate satisfaction will be cast out of the underwear drawer like a gay would be cast out of a fundamentlist christian household to never be seen or heard fomr again. I will in a sense use natural selection to eliminate the weak from the strong in other words i must thing the herd for it to grow and develop into a better entity. Yes it is absurd of me to compare national selction to my underwear but i find it funny abnalogy and if you do not liek it i say to you keep wearing your old underwear and see how long you make it on this tiny insignificant rock called Earth.

I leave you now to go and take this immense journey into the yet unknown reaches of underwear trials and surely some will not make it out but others shall live on to glorify my ass for another month or more. For today in the world of my underwear drawer is the true Raganarok for soe the day of reckoning and the last for some. Some shall come out heroes which will be well remmebered and foundly spoken of while others will drift away into obscurity as so many of us humans do. So in closing i ask you fellow humans is there truly any difference between our world and that of the underwear drawer?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FIrst Blog ( intro)

So as most of you will probably know i post videos on youtube for over two years now, but i wanted to branch out of just youtube. I plan on doing this through blogging with the written word and to use this experience to better my writing ability. I use to be a much better writer with the written word and therefor i am going to use this blog to improve my lacking skills as best i can. If you choose to read this i hope you will see a growth in my style as well as my technique. This blog will try to be entertaining and informative at the same time and will cover varying subject material. So i hope you will give this a chance. I will post a real blog after i put a video on youtube so people can find this and we shall take this adventure together if you so choose.