Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Typing Hurts

Well it has been awhile since I wrote a blog , but since I am trying to whore myself out it was time to write a new one. Some people may think that I am trying to sell out or whatever, but I am just trying a new way of doing stuff. If I can work it out it will be better for me. I am the same person I have always been and my new stuff will pander more, but it will still be mine. I need to work on my style and find somehting that works for me and everyone at the same time. This maybe a learning process for me but hopefully it will be succesful. I appreciate all the help I can get and look forward to making this journey with the old people who have been around since i use to make 10 videos a week on Youtube and looking forward to more people enjoying what i may have in store for them. It seems that a lot of people do this sort of thing on the internets, but in reality it is a tiny minority of overall population who do it and even fewer who do it well. With some practice and patience i hope to do it well someday. It is not for everyone, however I am going to make it for me.

For more whoring myself out I am going to ask the following: subscribe to youtube, add me on facebook, subscribe to this blog , subscribe to my blogtv and tell anyone you think would be interested in my way of things. Thanks again for the three people who will read this someday.

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