Saturday, October 9, 2010


It is now time to move onto the top agents of Baroque works who were said to be very fearsome by Igaram. He says they all have Devil Fruit powers and are far stronger than the other numbered agents. The first we encounter is Miss. Valentine who has eaten the Kilo Kilo Fruit. This power allows her to change her mass from between one to ten thousand kilograms. She is always seen with a parasol that enables her to float when she lowers her mass enough. Then when she has targeted a person she will raise her mass to crush them. This is an effective move which can cause much damage if landed. While compared to most individuals she would be incredibly strong, but she is easily defeated by Zoro and Luffy at Whiskey Peaks. Although she is defeated and the Strawhats escape she shows up again at Little Garden to try once more.

Her demeanor is one of nonchalance and does not think  that lowly pirates stand a chance against her and her partner. She shows cruelty in her attempts to crush those who are her enemies with no sort of remorse. Although she also seems as she could be an attention whore and when people ignore her she becomes irritated. While she is evil in heart her design and looks are More of the beautiful variety . She seems to enjoy the act of assassination and laughs while she is in battle . Mainly used as a supporting role to Mr. 5 she does not exhibit much fighting ability aside from her Devil Fruit. As far as villains go she is interesting, but not all that powerful or evil in the grand scheme of things. I do personal find her ability to be unique and something different than I have seen before. Her look and character is sort of common with her almost sociopathic like for violence and her overall beautiful appearance. To me she is above a low villains but no where near the likes of others we will meet as Luffy and the others travel along the Grandline. So let me know what you think of her and if she is a villain that lingers in your memory or just fades into obscurity.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


MR. 8
Mr. 8 is the head agent at Whiskey Peaks and is in charge of the entire island. He attempts to trick the Strawhats and capture them to get Luffy's bounty in order to buy food for the town. His attacks are strange in that he uses his saxophone and his hair to shoot bullets . His look with the curled hair and fancy dress are also different as compared to how many villains appear in One Piece. And while he is strong fighter and tactician he is no match for the Strawhats and would rank low on the all time villains list of One Piece. Once again he turns out to be only an agent of Baroque works in the fact he is undercover to find out who their leader is. He was originally the head of the guard of Alabasta and a protector of Vivi( Ms. Wednesday) . So he truly is not even a villain in the grand scheme of things and after this is revealed pretty much becomes an ally of Luffy as do most of the Baroque agents do eventually. After being chased off he decoys himself as Vivi and sets sail for home using a different course, but his ship explodes and he is presumed dead. Although we find out later he is still alive as he reaches Alabasta towards the very end of the fighting. His villainous nature is very small because in reality he is only playing a role and not really a villain. He has redeeming qualities in that he cares for Vivi and his kingdom more than anything and is willing to sacrifice himself in order for them to remain safe. Which is a great quality in a person but not really a villain. That's why even though his villain status is short lived he really is not much of one form the start. After Mr. 8 we will finally start getting into the tougher villains in the Baroque Works group, because all the top five members will have special talents with most of them being devil fruit users. While as a villain Mr. 8 is lacking his true identity has qualities that make him unforgettable and very good character in the One Piece universe. Next blog will then commence the top five Baroque agent pairs, although one of them really is not a pair.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Miss Monday is a villain that first appeared at Whiskey Peak and was a numbered agent of Baroque Works. She was partnered with Mr. 8 who we later find out is Igaram. On her first appearance she hides her true physical form by pretending to be a nun, but later reveals she is extremely strong and powerful. For a female her strength and size are abnormal, but when compared to Zoro she loses easily as he defeats her one handed without a sword. While she is a villain to the Strawhats and tries to defeat them over all she does not show any evil tendencies as some villains have. She seems more interested in proving her strength is the greatest , but that is not true and compared to most villains would be definitely on the low tier. After she learns of Igaram and Vivi's true nature she even fights against other agents to help them escape. Therefore showing loyalty to her friends and even a sense of duty. These are admirable qualities and truly she is not even that much of a threat or villain in the overall scheme of things in One Piece. Her design was sort of unique for a female character, but more than likely she is a very forgettable character who does not even have that much time in the story as a whole. After Vivi and the Strawhats escape we do nor learn anything of her fate and never see her again. This is the same thing that happens with Mr. 9. Although i do wonder if she and he survived did they ever try to venture to Alabasta to see Vivi and Igaram? I do not know what else to say about her besides she was not that impressive as compared to the other Baroque number agents we will meet soon. So look for the rest of them as they come, because once we get into the top five pair agents things will get a little cooler. The lower numbered agents are just a taste of what is to come.