Monday, October 4, 2010


Miss Monday is a villain that first appeared at Whiskey Peak and was a numbered agent of Baroque Works. She was partnered with Mr. 8 who we later find out is Igaram. On her first appearance she hides her true physical form by pretending to be a nun, but later reveals she is extremely strong and powerful. For a female her strength and size are abnormal, but when compared to Zoro she loses easily as he defeats her one handed without a sword. While she is a villain to the Strawhats and tries to defeat them over all she does not show any evil tendencies as some villains have. She seems more interested in proving her strength is the greatest , but that is not true and compared to most villains would be definitely on the low tier. After she learns of Igaram and Vivi's true nature she even fights against other agents to help them escape. Therefore showing loyalty to her friends and even a sense of duty. These are admirable qualities and truly she is not even that much of a threat or villain in the overall scheme of things in One Piece. Her design was sort of unique for a female character, but more than likely she is a very forgettable character who does not even have that much time in the story as a whole. After Vivi and the Strawhats escape we do nor learn anything of her fate and never see her again. This is the same thing that happens with Mr. 9. Although i do wonder if she and he survived did they ever try to venture to Alabasta to see Vivi and Igaram? I do not know what else to say about her besides she was not that impressive as compared to the other Baroque number agents we will meet soon. So look for the rest of them as they come, because once we get into the top five pair agents things will get a little cooler. The lower numbered agents are just a taste of what is to come.

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