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Kuro is a fearsome pirate who when we first meet him is secretly in disguise as a butler named  Kurahadol. At the time we think he is nothing but an over protective butler for Kaya, but it is soon revealed that he is no ordinary butler, but Captain Kuro himself. For Kuro had not liked the life of a pirate because he hated being hunted down by the marines and grew weary of doing so. Therefore he developed a plan to fake his own death and hide away until he could gather a fortune in another method. Kuro was well known for planning and have a brilliant intellect which he always used to his advantage as a pirate and would make extremely elaborate plans. This plan involved becoming friendly with Kaya and having her sign over all the wealth to him then having the Black Cat pirates kill her. Well fortunately Ussop overhears this and Luffy attempts to help him in doing so. This is when we finally get to see Kuro in action and learn even more about his horrible ways.

Once Luffy and the others interfere with his plans Kuro himself decides to fight. Although he is a very smart man he still has great prowess in the area of combat. His two main attack advantages are a set of giant claws and his ability to have superhuman speed with which to move faster than most people can perceive. In employing these two methods of attack he becomes a very tough opponent for Luffy and so far into the story cause alot more damage to him than any other enemy before . As he fights he reveal how he set his plan into motion, as any good villain would do, that he had faked his own death. The methods he use to do so are deplorable and horrendous to an average person, but to Luffy and many pirates would be the worst crime possible. He got a crew memeber who looked like him and had Jango hypnotise him to believe he was Kuro and turned him over to Morgan ( who was also hypnotised) and then he was executed in his place. The lack of respect for his crew makes Kuro a evil pirate even more so than many others. This code of protecting your crew is very important to some of the most infamous pirates in One Piece . Also as Luffy put it Kuro was worthless for not being willing to except the life of a pirate so he should not be one. These traits make Kuro a very despisable character to me and many others.

For overall Kuro was a terrible person who did not value his crew in the least and would use any method at hand to stay free and safe. These lack of ethics and morals are possibly what led to his downfall as well. Since we see most major pirates have a great crew which care for one another, while Kuro only had people who feared him. The lack of understanding this makes me think Kuro was not as smart as he thought he was . Although he was supposedly more powerful and more intelligent than Luffy he was handily defeated by this unknown rookie. So obviously he was missing some key ingredients to being a great pirate captain. So feel free to let me know what you thought of Kuro and where you place him amongst the villain Luffy faced. Overall to me at the time he seemed a very powerful pirate, but as the show progress it was easy to see he was nothing more than an arrogant bully.

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I have not talked about this subject much yet, but i liked his video so I'm linking it here so check it out and if you like it go to his channel and subscribe and leave him some comments.
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The idea of clowns as the bad guy has been around for a long time and the reason why is because its very effective. Buggy is clown themed pirate captain who while seeming amusingly goofy has a mean and violent side to him. When we are first introduced to him he is using his special "Buggy Balls" , which are extremely powerful cannonballs, to destroy a town for the fun of it. He also does not seem to treat his crew very well if they fail his orders. He is consumed with the notion of treasure and wanting to be the one to have all of it in the world. To this end he seems as if he is willing to do anything to gain his desire, but because of his narrow minded quest he loses site of other aspects of the situation and is easily defeated by Luffy with assistance from Nami. He is the first character in the story we see besides Luffy who has the power of the Devil Fruit. The Bara-Bara (Chop-Chop) Fruit allows Buggy to separate ALL of his body parts and send them flying as he so chooses. Another aspect of his power is that he is immune to all sword attacks because his body will just separate normally. As the case with Luffy we find that his consumption of the Devil Fruit was not voluntary but rather accidentally. On a funny twist it could even be considered the fault of the same man Shanks that both Luffy and Buggy have the Devil Fruit abilities .

While Buggy is a stereotypical bad guy who wants to rob and plunder to get what he wants he does come off at comical moments. Another one of his traits is the use of "flashy" to describe how everything should be done. It leads me to believe he is very egotistical and wanting to make everything he does seem bigger than life so as to garner more fame and wealth. He has a rage problem when someone says anything about his big red nose, even going so far as to mishear what someone said . While he has cruelty in his nature especially when we first meet him these aspects help bring him down from the level of a truly evil person in my opinion. As we will see later on after his first appearance Buggy does undergo some character development and we can see he is not that bad of a guy especially when compared to other villains of One Piece. While he still maintains the same overall goal he does not seem to come off as vicious or cutthroat after his first appearance.

He has also become a fan favorite among many One Piece fans for his personality. He is not my favorite character or anything, but he truly grew on me especially in the War and Impel Down. While he can be damn right annoying at times he still has some redeeming qualities which i find endearing. So if you like Buggy let me know in the comments and such . I am curious to see how many people are really fans of his and why. As the manga/anime has moved forward we have continued to be reintroduced to him and i feel his story is not finished in One Piece yet. Is there more to come form this clown pirate or have we seen all there is to our glorious flashy Buggy?

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One Piece Villains #2: Captain "Axehand" Morgan

Capatin "Axehand" Morgan

The second big time villain/enemy whom Luffy faced was a marine Captain Axehand Morgan who was in charge of an island marine base. Morgan is a fairly large man with an axe where his hand should be and a metal jaw like contraption. He used both his rank and skill to intimidate the other marines on the island as well as the citizens. He was the first case to show us in One Piece universe that the marines can just be as evil, vile and coldblooded as any pirate. Although he claimed that rank was all that mattered and spouted nonsense about it showing his strength he was easily defeated by Luffy with the assistance of Zoro. His look is a cool design but his character was no more than just some petty tyrant ruling over a small island and abusing his limited authority. His development was both lacking and also not necessary , because i view him as Oda's way of introducing the readers to the idea that not all marines are good. Also it shows how some people are easily corrupted by their meager amount of power and influence and abuse such things. Also he had a good for nothing ason who used hsi father;s name to be a complete asshole to everyone in town, but the irony was not even his father could stand him. Neither did his father really care for him once again showing what type of bastard Morgan truly was. Helmeppo his son even reformed his ways to spite his father and now works with the marines .

Although he was not that an awesome of a villain or that memorable Morgan served his purpose to illustrate  to the reader that Luffy even though he is a pirate is not a bad guy. Also it is there to show us just because someone is suppose to be a good guy does not mean that is what they truly are. After his defeat he was captured and imprisoned but subsequently escaped and as of now his whereabouts are unknown and i doubt he will ever show up again. On a note of trivia Morgan is the pirate that survived Kuro's act and was the one who got credit for his capture. This could be a reason as to why he was given a higher rank and command of the base where he soon after abused his power. Let me know what you thought about Morgan with a comment . He was fine for what purpose he served but Oda has created much more interesting and varied characters after his appearance, but those will have to wait for another time.

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Alvida (original look)

The first main villain/enemy Luffy encounters in the One Piece world is pirate Captain Alivda. She is a mean spirited fat ugly woman who mistreats her crew with the use of her iron mace. She thinks she is beautiful and doe not tolerate anyone saying others wise although she is truly ugly on the outside and  the inside. We first meet her after Luffy is accidentally rescued by some of her crew form a barrel in the ocean while she is attacking a cruise ship. Her belief that she is strong and will be a powerful pirate leads her to mistreat her crew and others. She thinks Luffy is a nuisance and he will be easily defeated by her, but to her misfortune Luffy takes her iron mace attack without a scratch then one hit knocks her completely off her ship and out of the picture or so we think..

Although as compared to normal humans she is strong to Luffy and other pirates she would be one of the weakest in the One Piece world. Also her actions of treating her subordinates like trash and forcing Coby into her service would fit a stereotypical pirate. These attributes are not all that common among most good pirates in One Piece therefore hurting her chances of being more powerful. The delusion of both her beauty and power are part of why she will not be anyone special in the pirate world anytime soon.

After her defeat by Luffy Coby was able to leave and she was sent flying to parts unknown. She however was not completely destroyed and would return later with a new look and powers, which i will do in a separate edition of One Piece Villains, because to me she is almost a completely new villain. This introduction of her was more of a straight away back story of who she would later become.  In my opinion she was just an initial fodder enemy to show Luffy is not a a joke when it comes to fighting although his personality sets him up to seem useless at times. Where she was not much I think her inclusion as a One Piece villain was crucial to establishing many things which come back in the story overall. Feel free to comment on what you thought of her as a villain and if you liked her or not.