Monday, September 13, 2010

One Piece Villains #2: Captain "Axehand" Morgan

Capatin "Axehand" Morgan

The second big time villain/enemy whom Luffy faced was a marine Captain Axehand Morgan who was in charge of an island marine base. Morgan is a fairly large man with an axe where his hand should be and a metal jaw like contraption. He used both his rank and skill to intimidate the other marines on the island as well as the citizens. He was the first case to show us in One Piece universe that the marines can just be as evil, vile and coldblooded as any pirate. Although he claimed that rank was all that mattered and spouted nonsense about it showing his strength he was easily defeated by Luffy with the assistance of Zoro. His look is a cool design but his character was no more than just some petty tyrant ruling over a small island and abusing his limited authority. His development was both lacking and also not necessary , because i view him as Oda's way of introducing the readers to the idea that not all marines are good. Also it shows how some people are easily corrupted by their meager amount of power and influence and abuse such things. Also he had a good for nothing ason who used hsi father;s name to be a complete asshole to everyone in town, but the irony was not even his father could stand him. Neither did his father really care for him once again showing what type of bastard Morgan truly was. Helmeppo his son even reformed his ways to spite his father and now works with the marines .

Although he was not that an awesome of a villain or that memorable Morgan served his purpose to illustrate  to the reader that Luffy even though he is a pirate is not a bad guy. Also it is there to show us just because someone is suppose to be a good guy does not mean that is what they truly are. After his defeat he was captured and imprisoned but subsequently escaped and as of now his whereabouts are unknown and i doubt he will ever show up again. On a note of trivia Morgan is the pirate that survived Kuro's act and was the one who got credit for his capture. This could be a reason as to why he was given a higher rank and command of the base where he soon after abused his power. Let me know what you thought about Morgan with a comment . He was fine for what purpose he served but Oda has created much more interesting and varied characters after his appearance, but those will have to wait for another time.

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