Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The idea of clowns as the bad guy has been around for a long time and the reason why is because its very effective. Buggy is clown themed pirate captain who while seeming amusingly goofy has a mean and violent side to him. When we are first introduced to him he is using his special "Buggy Balls" , which are extremely powerful cannonballs, to destroy a town for the fun of it. He also does not seem to treat his crew very well if they fail his orders. He is consumed with the notion of treasure and wanting to be the one to have all of it in the world. To this end he seems as if he is willing to do anything to gain his desire, but because of his narrow minded quest he loses site of other aspects of the situation and is easily defeated by Luffy with assistance from Nami. He is the first character in the story we see besides Luffy who has the power of the Devil Fruit. The Bara-Bara (Chop-Chop) Fruit allows Buggy to separate ALL of his body parts and send them flying as he so chooses. Another aspect of his power is that he is immune to all sword attacks because his body will just separate normally. As the case with Luffy we find that his consumption of the Devil Fruit was not voluntary but rather accidentally. On a funny twist it could even be considered the fault of the same man Shanks that both Luffy and Buggy have the Devil Fruit abilities .

While Buggy is a stereotypical bad guy who wants to rob and plunder to get what he wants he does come off at comical moments. Another one of his traits is the use of "flashy" to describe how everything should be done. It leads me to believe he is very egotistical and wanting to make everything he does seem bigger than life so as to garner more fame and wealth. He has a rage problem when someone says anything about his big red nose, even going so far as to mishear what someone said . While he has cruelty in his nature especially when we first meet him these aspects help bring him down from the level of a truly evil person in my opinion. As we will see later on after his first appearance Buggy does undergo some character development and we can see he is not that bad of a guy especially when compared to other villains of One Piece. While he still maintains the same overall goal he does not seem to come off as vicious or cutthroat after his first appearance.

He has also become a fan favorite among many One Piece fans for his personality. He is not my favorite character or anything, but he truly grew on me especially in the War and Impel Down. While he can be damn right annoying at times he still has some redeeming qualities which i find endearing. So if you like Buggy let me know in the comments and such . I am curious to see how many people are really fans of his and why. As the manga/anime has moved forward we have continued to be reintroduced to him and i feel his story is not finished in One Piece yet. Is there more to come form this clown pirate or have we seen all there is to our glorious flashy Buggy?

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