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Kuro is a fearsome pirate who when we first meet him is secretly in disguise as a butler named  Kurahadol. At the time we think he is nothing but an over protective butler for Kaya, but it is soon revealed that he is no ordinary butler, but Captain Kuro himself. For Kuro had not liked the life of a pirate because he hated being hunted down by the marines and grew weary of doing so. Therefore he developed a plan to fake his own death and hide away until he could gather a fortune in another method. Kuro was well known for planning and have a brilliant intellect which he always used to his advantage as a pirate and would make extremely elaborate plans. This plan involved becoming friendly with Kaya and having her sign over all the wealth to him then having the Black Cat pirates kill her. Well fortunately Ussop overhears this and Luffy attempts to help him in doing so. This is when we finally get to see Kuro in action and learn even more about his horrible ways.

Once Luffy and the others interfere with his plans Kuro himself decides to fight. Although he is a very smart man he still has great prowess in the area of combat. His two main attack advantages are a set of giant claws and his ability to have superhuman speed with which to move faster than most people can perceive. In employing these two methods of attack he becomes a very tough opponent for Luffy and so far into the story cause alot more damage to him than any other enemy before . As he fights he reveal how he set his plan into motion, as any good villain would do, that he had faked his own death. The methods he use to do so are deplorable and horrendous to an average person, but to Luffy and many pirates would be the worst crime possible. He got a crew memeber who looked like him and had Jango hypnotise him to believe he was Kuro and turned him over to Morgan ( who was also hypnotised) and then he was executed in his place. The lack of respect for his crew makes Kuro a evil pirate even more so than many others. This code of protecting your crew is very important to some of the most infamous pirates in One Piece . Also as Luffy put it Kuro was worthless for not being willing to except the life of a pirate so he should not be one. These traits make Kuro a very despisable character to me and many others.

For overall Kuro was a terrible person who did not value his crew in the least and would use any method at hand to stay free and safe. These lack of ethics and morals are possibly what led to his downfall as well. Since we see most major pirates have a great crew which care for one another, while Kuro only had people who feared him. The lack of understanding this makes me think Kuro was not as smart as he thought he was . Although he was supposedly more powerful and more intelligent than Luffy he was handily defeated by this unknown rookie. So obviously he was missing some key ingredients to being a great pirate captain. So feel free to let me know what you thought of Kuro and where you place him amongst the villain Luffy faced. Overall to me at the time he seemed a very powerful pirate, but as the show progress it was easy to see he was nothing more than an arrogant bully.

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