Sunday, September 12, 2010


Alvida (original look)

The first main villain/enemy Luffy encounters in the One Piece world is pirate Captain Alivda. She is a mean spirited fat ugly woman who mistreats her crew with the use of her iron mace. She thinks she is beautiful and doe not tolerate anyone saying others wise although she is truly ugly on the outside and  the inside. We first meet her after Luffy is accidentally rescued by some of her crew form a barrel in the ocean while she is attacking a cruise ship. Her belief that she is strong and will be a powerful pirate leads her to mistreat her crew and others. She thinks Luffy is a nuisance and he will be easily defeated by her, but to her misfortune Luffy takes her iron mace attack without a scratch then one hit knocks her completely off her ship and out of the picture or so we think..

Although as compared to normal humans she is strong to Luffy and other pirates she would be one of the weakest in the One Piece world. Also her actions of treating her subordinates like trash and forcing Coby into her service would fit a stereotypical pirate. These attributes are not all that common among most good pirates in One Piece therefore hurting her chances of being more powerful. The delusion of both her beauty and power are part of why she will not be anyone special in the pirate world anytime soon.

After her defeat by Luffy Coby was able to leave and she was sent flying to parts unknown. She however was not completely destroyed and would return later with a new look and powers, which i will do in a separate edition of One Piece Villains, because to me she is almost a completely new villain. This introduction of her was more of a straight away back story of who she would later become.  In my opinion she was just an initial fodder enemy to show Luffy is not a a joke when it comes to fighting although his personality sets him up to seem useless at times. Where she was not much I think her inclusion as a One Piece villain was crucial to establishing many things which come back in the story overall. Feel free to comment on what you thought of her as a villain and if you liked her or not.

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