Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have not been writing much on this lately, because of my utter sadness over One Piece being on a 4 week long break. At first i was intending on rereading the entire series. Although i have read them so much I felt it would be a waste of my limited time . Therefore I decided to catch up on some anime and manga I had recommended to me. First i tried to read Soul Eater, but could not get into it at all. I may come back to this one, but on my own time. Then i decided to try out Hitman Reborn and began to fall for it as an anime and watched all 200 episodes in a matter of a week or so. Then i read up in the manga to catch up with the recent ones. Now i went for an oldie that i had heard of and have watched half of it so far. these things i have had as a distraction while One Piece is on its break. I am just curious as to what everyone else has done to pass the time. I shall keep up with these series and such and remain an avid reader of One Piece. Also i should be able to get back to making more videos as well.

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  1. dude i cant handle this first week liked the anticipation but now im dying im just angry now HOW MUCH LONGERR!!!!!!