Saturday, September 19, 2009

Protecting Your INternet Anonymity

Those of you who use P2P programs probably have heard of Peerguardian2 and maybe you still even use it. Well the next level in peerguardian is a program called peerblock which is based off the open source code for peerguardian 2. The makers of peerblock realized that PG had not updated the program and so took it upon themsleves to rework it slightly. I was having problems with PG and found peerblock to be nearly identical, but without all the issues i have been having. Also they are attempting to raise fund so as to get a digitally signed driver so as to be more avaible on Vista. I suggest anyone who use p2p and wishes to protect their anonymity to check it out.

For some you may not know what this program does or even why you may need it. The program block certain IP adresses form connecting to your computer using blocklists which are updated and can be found on the site as well. Some say it is not affective and truly doing htis and is useless. Although it is no where near fool proof i say it can cut your risk down tremendously of having people who you do not want knowing what you are doing. The program is very small and does not even use much memroy to run in the background while you surf the net.

In short if you have been searching for ways to protect your identity online and found posts about Peerguardian2, i want to reccomend trying the new updated PeerBlock instead. It seems liek these new programmers and trying to keep it more up to date than the old Peerguardian site. So the chances of better features and more helpful interfaces are more likely with Peerblock. Even if PG2 works well for you i would suggest trying peerblock just for the fact they are trying to make it better and are working hard.

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