Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Underwear

First off if you are expecting some sort of eloquent intelligent blog then i suggest you read the title again. Let us now delve into this excruciating experience of new under garments. As someone recently pointed out why do we even bother wearing these things. Although i personally wear boxers so in reality it doesnt offer me any sort of support, but i say it offers me protection and comfort not given by certain materials which may be necessary to wear as other layers. Another thing would just be habit of being use to having underwear upon my bottom half. I personally never was a fan of undershirts , bu say i had worn them for many years i'd have become accustomed to such things and would find it akward without them at the present. These things all combined are what seems to cause me to have the need for such superfulous items .

Now onto the matter at hand the new underwear which i recently purchased at one of the many retail places in our nation. I have as to yet use any of these but today i decided it was time to venture out into some excitemtn and consider trying som of the new ones out. However first i need to rummage through my old worn out underwear. I go about this by taking into account which ones are in disrepair. My first criteria for this was to look for holes but when that failed i took into account the waistband not form fitting on my waist area. Upon inspection i have discenred that i must try them all on so as to truly understand if they are still up to the task of being my underwear. i will in mere moments try them all on and the ones which do not cause immediate satisfaction will be cast out of the underwear drawer like a gay would be cast out of a fundamentlist christian household to never be seen or heard fomr again. I will in a sense use natural selection to eliminate the weak from the strong in other words i must thing the herd for it to grow and develop into a better entity. Yes it is absurd of me to compare national selction to my underwear but i find it funny abnalogy and if you do not liek it i say to you keep wearing your old underwear and see how long you make it on this tiny insignificant rock called Earth.

I leave you now to go and take this immense journey into the yet unknown reaches of underwear trials and surely some will not make it out but others shall live on to glorify my ass for another month or more. For today in the world of my underwear drawer is the true Raganarok for soe the day of reckoning and the last for some. Some shall come out heroes which will be well remmebered and foundly spoken of while others will drift away into obscurity as so many of us humans do. So in closing i ask you fellow humans is there truly any difference between our world and that of the underwear drawer?

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