Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I know a lot of people are wondering when ch. 598 will be out and as far as I know it will be out September,29th. I have also heard it will have 24 pages instead of the regular 18 or so. There has been much anticipation for this chapter since we learned One Piece would be on break for four issues. Also it will finally clear up the whole time skip theories and we can see what is to come with the second half of the Grandline. I say to all of you reading this just be patient it will return and once it does we shall once again be bound to the glory that is One Piece. All those who went blind from to much fapping while the break occurred I truly feel sorry for you and hope next time you can learn more patient when awaiting a Manga as epic as One Piece to return. I do not know if Oda will take more frequent breaks or if this was just a break he needed to get ready to entertain us more than ever. I too am very excited by this and can not wait so stay tuned to this blog and my Youtube channel for new videos about new chapters of One Piece. YAY! let me know what you think the future will hodl for One Piece and ch. 598.

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  1. i seriously cant wait to see what Oda has in store for us :)