Monday, October 18, 2010


MR. 3
The partner to Miss Goldenweek is Mr. 3 who also has an art theme motif. He has a Devil Fruit ability that allows him to create and mold wax into many different things. He use his Wax Wax Fruit to create living sculptures as well as to shoot projectiles and even create a battle suit for himself. The wax he creates when harden is supposedly strong as steel. While at first mention of being a Waxman it seems a silly power, but once used in a right manner it allows for some tremendous abilities to be shown. Aside from his Devil Fruit Mr 3. has a very high intellect and good use of tactics. I think this is what allows him to use such a docile sounding Devil Fruit to its full abilities. Even though he comes of as arrogant and condescending I am a firm believer that intelligence can be a great asset to fighting power. Aside from his use of his Devil Fruit and his intelligence Mr. 3 is a very weak fighter. He is also very cowardly when it come to physical confrontation after he realizes he is over matched. When he first is shown his character is a very horrible person willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. He even seems to enjoy creating living statues out of Zoro, Nami and Vivi. As well as he has no sense of honor or fair play. These personality traits make him seem like an evil and devious individual without any redeeming qualities. He also has a fairly weird look with his hair in the shape of the number three and it seems to have a lit flame on top like a candle wick. Although he possessed nearly genius level intelligence and used his Devil Fruit to the best of his abilities in the end he was easily defeated by Luffy. After his defeat he was supposed to be eliminated by Mr. 2, but that never happened and he was almost destroyed by the leader of Baroque Works. While many of the Baroque Works agents did not appear after their defeats Mr. 3 does make another appearance in the story.

When Luffy enters Impel Down he eventually runs into Mr. 3 and frees him. Although Mr. 3 holds a grudge against Luffy he seems to have developed some sort of honor  or code and refuses to not pay Luffy back for rescuing him. I do not know if its an altruistic thing, but rather Mr. 3 just does not wish to feel indebted to Luffy. During this time we also are revealed his real name is Galdino, but most people still refer to him as Mr.3. He once against uses his Devil Fruit abilities in very affective manners against tough opponents. Even though Luffy is battling a very tough foe Mr. 3's wax powers enable Luffy to get an upper hand. It goes to show you that the Devil Fruit power can be beneficial even if it seems weak based on how one uses it. This idea is most evident when it comes to Mr. 3, because he takes a seemingly harmless Devil Fruit and uses it to it's maximum. During the War Mr. 3 even becomes instrumental in Luffy's attempt to rescue Ace. He even goes so far as to risk his own life in the effort while previous he only showed regards for himself and was pretty much a coward. He like many of the former Baroque Work agents would come to be somewhat of an ally or friend to Luffy.

Mr. 3 began as a asshole villains who only cared for himself and was overly arrogant and mean. During the Little Garden arc he was the epitome of an evil villain cruel, ruthless and uncaring. These were very good traits for a villain even though they were a bit cliched. His physical design as well as his powers were definitely interesting and unique to him alone. Over all he made for a memorable villain even though his screen time was limited. This maybe why Oda decided to bring him back into the story and develop his character even more. The whole face turn of Mr. 3 was brilliant writing and showed how much Oda can develop and change a character over time and through different circumstances. By the time in the sotry now Mr. 3 has under gone some of the most radical and interesting character devlopment of any of the non main cast. As of now I think most people would view him as somewhat of a good guy and not a villain anymore. He to me was truly redeemed and changed from his original incarnation by the time I am writing this. So to me he is truly was on e the classic villains and very important to the story that is One Piece. So feel free to give me your impressions of Mr. 3 and what you all think about him and his transformation.

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