Saturday, October 16, 2010


As the Strawhats arrive on Little Garden they are being targeted by the number 3 pair of Baroque officer agents. The female member of the third pair is known by the code name Miss Goldenweek, which apparently is a week in Japan with numerous holidays in it. Her appearance is that of a young girl although is not revealed if she is truly a kid or rather just a young looking adult. While she has what would seem like Devil Fruit abilities Oda revealed you uses a form of hypnotism. Her hypnotism is in the form of Color Traps which when painted on objects using different designs and colors can induce certain feelings in that person. It is strange, because physically she is very weak although she was able to stop Luffy. She does not seem to have an overtly evil attitude as many of the agents do , but rather a laid back I do not give a crap attitude. She is seen on numerous times just lazying around during a battle enjoying her rice crackers. Even goes so far as to make her partner give her a cup of tea because she is to lazy to get it. Her abilities to use her painting are formidable against opponent, but if they figure away around them then she has no physical defense and is easily beaten. Another useful thing is she can assist with Mr. 3 when he uses his powers to paint them to make them look much cooler. On a scale of power in villains she would rank at a very low end of the scale, but as a support unit she can come in very handy as evidence with how she stopped Luffy numerous times even though he was clearly superior in fighting strength. Her design is unique and different with her powers being truly different than anything seen before. Her being confirmed as not having a Devil Fruit also lends to the fact there are other "power" like opponents that Luffy will face who don't use Devil Fruits. Her character is not all that exciting either, but it does provide some humour moments during the battle, because she remains calm and uninterested no matter what is going on at all times.

Also in a special cover story of One Piece it is revealed she does have some loyalty and decides to mount a rescue mission to rescue all the arrested members of Baroque works. This puts her in a league above many of the other villains and gives her some redeeming qualities. After the cover story we do not see or hear about her again. IN the overall villains of One Piece she has a small part and besides certain things is very forgettable. However her partner will end up playing a much more important role to the story as next time I discuss Mr. 3. Let me know what you think of her abilities and her character and whether or not you guys enjoyed her as a character.

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