Monday, October 11, 2010


MR. 5

Mr. 5 is an officer agent in Baroque Works and is the partner to Miss Valentine. He arrive at Whiskey Peak to assassinate Vivi and Igaram after it is revealed they know the true identity of the man in charge. He has a very interesting Devil Fruit known as the Bomb Bomb Fruit which allows him to turn any part of his body into a bomb as well as rendering all explosions to his body useless. He is an over confident man and thinks he can no possibly lose with his great power. To a normal opponent this maybe true but against Luffy his power is nothing. He is easily defeated by Luffy and Zoro at Whiskey Peak. His return at Little Garden does not do much as well, but he reveals that even his breathe can be explosive as he uses it as ammunition for a special revolver he owns. While it is quite affective against Ussop it still does not allow him to gain a victory. His arrogant nature is part of his downfall because he underestimates his opponents and over estimates himself. He also finds the idea of caring for friends to be ridiculous and very naive. These ideals go contrary to those held by Luffy and his crew therefore he is a villain which directly opposes them on a philosophical level. While he does not actually accomplish any horrendous actions like some villains his attempts garner him a higher place than alot of other villains. Overall his power was unique and held the potential to be very powerful, but was not really all that compare to what villains we see later on in One Piece. Many fans bring him up when a discussion involving cool Devil Fruit powers occur or about powers which did not show their true potential. Although he was not that great in terms of character he still holds a place in many fans hearts and is not truly forgotten. As compared to many of the villains before him he did have exceptional powers and gave us the readers the idea there would truly be stronger opponents for the crew in the Grandline. Far from the worst villain, but not the best either he is still truly a One Piece original.

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  1. Honestly, I think Mr. 5 is one the least developed villains. I would really like to know more about what he can do, not just a relatively short fight.