Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is probably the first gag in One Piece which we see with Luffy bursting out of the barrel and wondering where there is food for him to eat. There are many different scenarios for this gag from him being starving with no food to him just being hungry after a huge battle. He even develops new techniques for eating such as : eating while asleep and his use of his rubber arms to steal other peoples food out of their hands. As far as funny goes it has it's moments and usually they differ form situation to situation. Overall this is more to illustrate a character element of Luffy as opposed to being purely for comedy. It even seems that Luffy believes eating can help heal his wounds and make him less fatigued at times. I am not sure if this does truly work or it is just Luffy believing it so much that it has a placebo affect on him. I think the funniest thing with this gag to me was when he first developed the eating while asleep technique after fighting Rob Lucci. People would walk in and say Luffy is finally awake, but the crew would just say no he has developed a technique to eat while still asleep. These types of moments are what make Luffy Luffy and I look forward to seeing more of them as he journeys on into the New World. Let me know what your fave Luffy eating gag was and which ones you did not like in the comment sections.

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  1. I love Luffy and his gags! I even like the gag of how he says that Sanji and his wanted poster are the same. I LOVE LUFFY!!!!!