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So far most of the villains encountered on the Grandline are from the secret organization Baroque Works, but as Luffy ventures to find a cure for Nami he runs into an interesting villain not affiliated with this group at all . . Wapol is the former king of Drum Kingdom who abandoned his throne after the island was attacked by a fierce pirate. When he left his throne he went to the seas and became a pirate himself. He is first encountered by Luffy and the Strawhats while a pirate. Luffy bazooka blasts him off the Merry after he started eating part of it. After leaving Durm Kingdom Wapol lost his way and was seeking a way to return and as the Strawhats found Drum Kingdom so did Wapol. Wapol was a horrid dictator who abolished all doctors aside from his own personal 20 doctors. Leaving all of his subjects to come and beg him for help when they were sick. He used this to gain more power and loyalty form them. However after he fled the kingdom they resolved to fight him if he ever returned. Upon his return they attempted to fight him but he had the power of the Devil Fruit and many soldiers and therefore they were easily defeated.

The fruit he had consumed was the Baku Baku no mi or the Munch Much Fruit. This was a very unique fruit indeed and allowed him to eat anything he wanted no matter the substance. Whatever he ate he could turn into and this made for some comical moments as he turned into various weird objects, but overall the fruit had great power if the right things were eaten. He could also combine certain object he ate together to form more powerful forms of himself. He even ate two of his henchmen and fused them together as well as eating himself and transforming into a skinnier version. Of all the devil fruits to me this is one of the most unique and truly One Piece powers I have ever seen. With this great power as well as his immense weaponry and soldiers he was easily able to rule Drum Kingdom with an iron fist.

His personality was that of a prideful arrogant spoiled brat of a ruler. He did not care for the welfare of his subjects nor that of the kingdom. This is self evident in the fact he fled at the first sign of trouble and did not even attempt to fight the pirates. His hording of the doctors also made him a cruel and malicious ruler. Although these characteristics are not all that unique in villains he still remains one the most interesting villains i recall. His combined arrogance and his over personality made him unique. As well as his design and the manner he used his powers to combine objects was extraordinary in my view.

It is strange to think his father was considered a just and loving ruler who most people remembered fondly, but Wapol himself became a malignant ruler of Drum Kingdom. As Wapol fought to ragin his throne he pissed off Luffy and therefore was soundly defeated. This was a shock to most victims of his tyrannical rule and helped establish Luffy as an even more powerful pirate. Upon his defeat he was launched out of Drum Kingdom and never seen there again. In the One Piece world he never returned to the main story, but did get a cover story where he used his Devil Fruit powers to develop toys much loved by children. He seems to have made quite a lot of money form this and seems to be at peace and not up to his old tricks again. Although this is not in the main story it gives me a sense that he mended his ways and went onto do some good in the world. As of now that was the last we have seen or heard about him in the story.

In my overall opinion Wapol would be a memorable villain with a great power and distinct design which sets him apart from alot of other villains. I see his character as sort of boring and not to different form many tyrants. Although Oda does make great use of him and he has a soft spot in my heart because I just loved his power that much. Feel free to let me know what you thought of Wapol overall and if he was memorable or forgettable to you.

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  2. It has always fascinated me how Oda can come up with such creative fruits,

    I really agree with what you said