Friday, July 23, 2010

It's DEFINITELY Sabo.. well probably not

So upon the release of chapter 593 of One Piece, the speculation that the feather hat guy revolution form Robin's side story is Sabo all grown up has once again overwhelmed us. Some think it verifies it even more now seeing him more clearly, but to me it is the complete opposite. Also when we see another revolutionary member it also adds that the is Sabo as well. Oh my god every revolutionary is Sabo is what it seems liek it has become with some people. He below image shows both grown up Sabo's with a child Sabo in the middle. Do you think either of these two could be Sabo really?
Well another theory to help explain why the Hawaiian shirt wearing revolutionary does not look anything like Sabo is explained by how much Coby changed from the beginning of the series to when he met up with Luffy again after Enies Lobby. Someone even made a math logic image to try and illustrate the correlation. I did not make this image only using it for reference sake.

Sabo Proof?

Does any of this evidence convince you that either of these guys could be Sabo? Personally it does not convince me one tiny bit. It is just people trying to make a random connection and hope they are right so one day they can say I was so right about it and the rest of you are all idiots. If Sabo is alive and with the revolutionaries I think Oda will reveal him in a better way than just some random guy. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments and share with others who are interested.


  1. Hey man, I like your theory. I'm not reading the manga yet but I can´t stand knowing that sabo's fate has been unfolded until now. Dammit, luffy always comes with those luffy things. "Ah, Sabo des..." Oh yeah, I´m Ace´s Brother, or yeah, I know, Ace is rogger´s son... Oh I forgot.. didn´t I tell you about my dad Dragon the revolutionary?
    Damm ruffy.... that´s probably sabo, not Trafawgar law, as some has been saying. Oh, if this post is too old and sabo has come out, please let me know, after all, its been one year. Thanks, and I liked your blog.
    Andre - Brazil

  2. It's not him, Sabo's nose isn't pointed and his chin is different. You can find his older self pic on chapter 596 cover. I wish i did know who Sabo is, if he is alive. :(

  3. its n ot sabo if it was he would lookalot more cooler like ace and luffyand here he looks like 30 or 40 years old o.O

  4. Sambo is Donquixote Donflamingo for your information.