Friday, May 28, 2010

Is this Sabo??

I am putting an image of the character people think could be Sabo all grown up and part of the revolutionaries. Feel free to speculate if you think it is possible or not. My opinion is it may be him although i highly doubt it. I do agree he will most likely become a revolutionary , but that this specific character is him is not all that likely.


  1. I dont think he's sabo
    sabo is blonde and doesnt have curly hair or something like that ( sry for bad english) and he wanted to become pirate and not marine i believe o.o

  2. I don't Think That He His Sabo
    Because Sabo Has A Hat As His Trademark Same As Luffy And Ace, Just Like It Says On The Wiki. You Might Also Be Right. But Theres Picture That Shows The Identity Of A Mysterious Grown Up Sabo Potrayed On The Cover Of Chapter 596