Saturday, August 6, 2011

Volume 63 One Piece SBS

The coolest thing I have learned from the last volume of One Piece released in Japan is Oda drew all the Shichibukai as young children. From left to right top row : Jinbe, Mihawk, Moria.
Left to right second row: Hancock, Crocodile, Kuma. Left to right third row :Doflamingo, Blackbeard. Other information I learned from SBS volume 63 is the baby that Makino holds on that cover page is hers and the father is "that guy" according to Oda. So who do you think "that guy " is? Is it Shanks or maybe even Ace, or lastly Mayor Woopslap? Also the childhood image of Croc still seems androgynous to me so the theories of Croc being a girl at one point are still up in the air as far as I am concerned. Let me know what you think about these revelations from the latest SBS for One Piece. I will update as i find out more.

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