Monday, October 3, 2011

WE GO!! Thoughts

Below is the new opening for One Piece Anime. My brief thoughts are it is ok, but not great. I like the music and the animation is well done, but the lyrics just do not do it for me over all. It may grow on me after some time, but the previous opening to me was way better and I enjoyed it much more. You be the judge and let me know your opinion if you like.

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  1. not at all a fan of the song but seeing
    the timeskip designs animated is amazing.
    the fishman island arc animated sould be loads of fun.
    kool blog x71
    i like your review's on the manga chapters as well.
    i'll be following this blog from here on out.
    i just started my blog , iam Ves,an aspiring mangaka.
    i have a copyrighten manga but iam still an amature,i watch your video's and i know ur a kool otaku and always interested in new manga.
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