Friday, February 3, 2012

Top Marines as Kids!! (vol. 65)

Below is a pic from volume 65 of One Piece in which Oda shows some of the top Marines as children. Top left is Garp, does he remind you of anyone?? Top right is Sengoku he had that afro as a kid OMG!!. The bottom is the three admirals from left to right being Kizaru, Akainu, Aokiji. Kizaru studying?, Akainu being in fights is no surprise. Is Aokiji running away from home or homeless?? Let me know what you think about these images and what any hints at their past we can get from this.


  1. Lol Garp looks exactly like Luffy except, Garp even at that age could beat the tiger when Luffy had to work together among with Ace and Sabo, Which shows how strong Garp is compared to Luffy and Ace. Sengoku seems like he's training at a doujo or something. I've never imagined Kizaru would be that cute and neat looking compared to Akainu and Aokiji. I think this is the reason why Kizaru got involved in Science Military, lead by Dr. Vegapunk who transferred from Kizaru's pika pika ability to Pacifista. It's not really that surprising to see Akainu getting involved in a fight except, he seems he grew up facing poverty. Maybe there's a sad story behind the reason why Akainu is an ass now. Aokiji is just too damn funny to me. He was the coolest and most fashionable admiral among others at that age I think it's so unique and interesting lol. Overall, this was the most interesting childhood drawing of One Piece Characters I've seen so far. Thanks for uploading it. It's ashame nobody hasn't left any comments.

  2. Ya ur a great guy